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Briskeby formed in 1996 beneath the name of Cosmic Particles, however they gained simply no notable interest before 1999. Early that yr they employed the then-unknown 20-year-old Lise Karlsnes as their fresh singer and performed a famous gig in the essential by:Larm music market convention. After impressing music pundits and viewers alike, they instantly became probably the most sought-after fresh group in Norway. At that time that they had everything a pop group could want: the extremely catchy but intelligent tunes, the cool and suave pop audio, as well as the attitude to visit. (Believe a somewhat rockier Cardigans.) Maybe most of all, Briskeby got a singer having a peculiarly tacky beauty and an unsuspected quantity of sex charm in Lise Karlsnes, who immediately became a class-A superstar in her indigenous nation. After something of the bidding war, these were finally authorized by Common Music and documented their 2000 debut recording, Denims for Onassis. Although objectives had been high, nobody thought the debutantes would sell 120,000 information (inside a nation of four million, actually), have many massive radio strikes, and earn four Norwegian Grammys. Their concert events had been also immensely well-known at that time, plus they toured European countries with a-ha, making foreign record agreements. But they do not have the ability to break through beyond Norway, despite their debut recording becoming of high worldwide quality. After having toured thoroughly and buying the airwaves for over a yr, Briskeby disappeared through the spotlight before summer months of 2003, when return one “Hey Baby” premiered, accompanied by their second record, Tonight, Captain, afterwards that autumn. As the one was traditional Briskeby and a huge radio strike, the record flopped both sales-wise and artistically. These were today increasingly viewed as has-beens, and speculations had been that they didn’t have any upcoming being a band. However they came back again in the summertime of 2005 using a massively effective one, “Miss YOU PREFER Crazy.” The 3rd record appeared in Oct 2005, and noticed them collaborating with Ken Stringfellow of Posies popularity on another one, “Joe D’Allesandro.” The largest Norwegian pop band of the 2000s was finally back form.

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