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Swedish producers Hans Möller and Daniel Skaborn documented under a number of names through the ’90s, but just gained a modicum of interest worldwide using the 2000 release of the Boulderdash debut, We Never Visited Koxut Island. Simply section of a flourishing Swedish electronic picture that also contains the habitants at Dot Information, the duo started recording early within the 10 years after assembling their very own studio room with help from potential labelmates Upsalians and Spinform (the second option includes Möller’s sibling). Apart from the techno task Mnemosyne and experimental drum’n’bass as Juicehead, Möller and Skaborn started producing songs of complicated, ambient techno influenced by early-’90s heroes from English brands Warp, R&S, and Rephlex. Finally, in 2000, the Swedish label Recordings Under Building released the very first Boulderdash recording, We Never Visited Koxut Island.

Quick Facts

Height 34 m
Music Songs Fiberplate, Three Minute Culture, Propaganda car, Cadillacs Never Die, Maggies showers, A great combination, Urban monostair, Sounds are more important, Headless in a Topless Bar, Casio Kid, Daves place, Claire, Three hours and no ferry, Clarie, Done That for Five Fast Years, Taxi wallas, Window of Opportunity, Camping among sheeps, Talking to Harry, Incognito, War of likes, P.o.N.R., Trezieme Mars 1997, Timekiller, Dregs of Tar, Clayroom, Dub philantropies, False liberty, Rumlagoon, Genderless, Instant gratification, Camping among sheets
Albums Pro Time Killers, We Never Went to Koxut Island, Social life artificial, Just some parsecs away from home

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