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Bogus Blimp

The cinematic, noir-ish avant-rock band Bogus Blimp formed in January 1996 in the tiny Norwegian town of Sanderfjord. Among the previous signees to Norway’s Jester Information — the imprint of Ulver/Arcturus frontman Christopher Rygg — Bogus Blimp easily fit into well within that label’s roster, posting a number of the experimental/digital tendencies and dark, cinematic moods of works such as Solitary Device, post-Nattens Madrigal Ulver, and Disguised Masters-era Arcturus; in the meantime also maintaining a definite, hard-to-classify audio of their personal. As a unusual consequence to be on Jester, they have obtained press in various metal-friendly magazines (especially ones focused on black steel) and also have been embraced with a subset of this audience, despite the fact that their style is not actually metal in any way, black or elsewhere. Bogus Blimp’s lineup includes vocalist Christian Mona, organist/keyboardist Aslak Larsen, guitarist Hilmar Larsen, bassist Kyrre Bjørkås, sampling keyboardist Bjørn Larsen, and drummer Ragnar Berg. Their initial discharge, the 25-minute mini-album Men-Mic, arrived in 1999 on Jester. That was implemented in 2000 by their initial full-length, cords. cables. By enough time of cords. cables’ release, a lot of the group got moved to the bigger town of Oslo to become nearer to the actions in Norway, aswell as nearer to European countries. Showcasing frontman Mona’s visible abilities (and concluding their preliminary “five year program”), Bogus Blimp released a house video, the strangely entitled By Five 0=Time clock Tea, in 2001.

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