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Bob Haring, Jr.

Bob Haring, Jr. includes a close association using the profession of vocalist and professional Harry Belafonte, specifically lots of the daily specialized functions involved with maintaining Belafonte’s collection of music. Dad Bob Haring was a dynamic bandleader and arranger in the ’20s — so energetic, as a matter of known fact, that the causing pileup of information and arrangements, most of them released under fictitious brands, might inspire an offspring to become music librarian sheerly as an action of rebellion. The kid actually began majoring in agriculture at Cornell School, but there is music in his lifestyle aswell as nature, Haring Jr. digging in to the piano bench in the tempo section of several dance rings — not really a especially rebellious move there, likewise his decision to get into music for his profession. His long-range romantic relationship with Belafonte is a superb exemplory case of the “right-hand guy” with an imprint all over the place, you start with rehearsals for trips and recording classes where he arranged specifications as accompanist, carrying on in the deep history as Haring Jr. toiled mainly because both librarian and copyist for each and every type of music, certainly every shouted “Day-O!” on or in movies, recordings, tv broadcasts, and concerts. This artist’s wife may be the vocalist Judy Lang.

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