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Bob Drake is really a recording engineer who all, in his free time, defined the ethos of avant-prog through his use seminal rings like Thinking Plague and 5uu’s. Initially a bass and guitarist, he finished up coming in contact with every instrument recognized to mankind and set several new ones along the way. He’s also gifted using a high-pitched tone of voice, not really unlike that of Yes’ Jon Anderson. He released a string of single albums through the 1990s onward, each a far more twisted aural trip than the prior one. But regardless of how experimental Drake gets in his music and making, he usually continues a foot within the rock and roll realm. All of those other period it stomps in bluegrass or Cajun. Drake spent senior high school experimenting with close friends, showing an early on interest in documenting methods and warped rock and roll. After his research, he resolved down in Denver, CO, in the first ’80s, working being a documenting engineer in a variety of studios. He documented sound files for B-series horror films and lots of regional underground bands, a few of which he also used. The main of these groupings (though it wasn’t apparent at that time) was Considering Plague, which began circa 1982. The group self-released two LPs through the 10 years. In the first ’90s, Drake relocated to LA. Once more, he proved helpful as an engineer, his popularity growing steadily through the entire 10 years. He done many mainstream albums by people as different as Engelbert Humperdinck, George Clinton, and lots of rap and hip-hop performers. On the other hand, he co-led the choice rock and roll group Hail with ex-Thinking Plague’s Susanne Lewis, launching Convert of the Screw in 1990. However the record that place him over the map was 5uu’s 1994 Compact disc Hunger’s Tooth, hailed as very much for its complicated music as creation values. Instantly, Drake had turn into a sought-after engineer and collaborator. ReR Megacorp owner Chris Cutler produced him his label’s best audio engineer. The label released his solo record, Little Black Teach, in 1996 (What Time Is It?, an initial solo work was self-released 3 years previously, but largely disregarded). Relocating once again, Drake create his own studio room in Caudeval (France). He continuing to utilize 5uu’s and Considering Plague, plus he setup the duo A.A. Kismet with Lukas Simonis and shaped the short-lived the Technology Group with Cutler and Stevan Tickmayer. Both of these formations released their 1st albums in 1999, which also noticed the looks of Drake’s third single recording Medallion Animal Carpeting. The Skull Mailbox adopted in 2001.

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