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Bob Delyn

This Welsh-language folk group, led with the harpist and poet Tym Morys, began by busking, and attemptedto promote their very own regional music within a contemporary context. With Gorwell Roberts on electric guitar, they started playing small locations in North Wales, within their very own phrases, ‘mutating’ Welsh folklore and tracks. Ultimately they recruited many program players they uncovered on these moves as musical support – Edwin Humphries (brass/reed), Hefin Hughes (drums), Jimmy Dore (bass) and Breton Nolwenn Korbel (fiddle). In 1990 their Sgwarnogod Bach Bob record was cheerful and refreshing, while on the next Bob Dolig EP, they performed festive Xmas folk tunes within an improvised free of charge music style. Gedon, once again released via the Crai Information label co-operative, was filled with strong concepts and Breton affects, both eccentric and excellent, having a clutch of self-written tracks primarily fond of dancers. The long-delayed third record was less available and much more downbeat compared to the previous records.

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