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Driven from the drones of hurdy-gurdy and bagpipes, Blowzabella forged probably one of the most dynamic noises in the annals of Celtic music. Acquiring their name from the main topic of the original tune “Blowzabella, Me Jumping Doxie,” the group crafted a lively, Wall-of-Sound mixture of English, French, Flemish, and Macedonian dance affects. Formed by college students at the DRUM Technology department from the London University of Home furniture, Blowzabella performed their debut display in Dec 1978. On the following decade, the music group experienced numerous employees adjustments. Flute, bagpipe, and saxophone participant Jon Swayne, who departed the group in 1987, was the last unique member. Although he came back two years later on, the group disbanded inside a yr, with several people going to play with identical rings X-Blowzabella and Babybella. Blowzabella offers regularly reunited; they performed at London’s Cecil Sharpe Home in January 2002.

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Music Songs Horizonto, The Rose of Raby, Jan Mijne Man / Go Mauve, The New Jigs, Spaghetti Panic, Shave The Monkey / Boys Of The Mill, The Origin of the World, The Man in the Brown Hat, Death in a Fen / Bruton Town / Our Captain Cried, Oliver's and Two Beers, The New Hornpipes, Eight Step Waltz / Lisa / Stukka Gruppa, The New Road to Alston and Lottie's, Eight Step Waltz / Lisa, De Montford and Magaloufou, Bobbityshooty, Finnish Scottish, The Topman and the Afterguard, New Pneus, La belle c'est endormir / Famous Wolf, Fulmine, In Continental Mood /The Old Queen / Flatworld, Down Side / Solvieg's Song / Doctor Feg, Glass Island, Kopenitsa, All Things Are Quite Silent, Le Petit Chien, the Long Drive, Eglantine / Man in the Brown Hat / Schottische Från Haverö / The Minah Bird, Branle De Borgogne / Horses Branle, Beanfield / Monster Cafe, Jenny Pluck Pears / Half Hannikin, Newbury Jig / Moll in the Wood
Albums A Richer Dust, Octomento, Strange News, The Blowzabella Wall of Sound, Vanilla, Dance, Bobbityshooty, Compilation

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