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Blind Percy & His Blind Band

It is unidentified who the people of Blind Percy & His Blind Music group were, and actually one can issue whether any or most of them were even blind. A specialist on this issue of blues performers using the prefix of “Blind” before their name was blues and folk performer Josh Light. He paid his dues — and the idea is obviously understandable in cases like this — being a business lead boy for a lot more than 60 different blind performers. Included in this was Blind Joe Taggart, a blues gospel performer, who just like the identical and far better known Blind Willie Johnson, frequently gigged and documented with feminine accompaniment. Regarding to Light, Taggart experienced from cataracts but was barely blind. Taggart certainly documented some non-gospel blues amounts beneath the name of Blind Joe Amos, and could have also lower tracks such as for example “Pennsylvania Girl Blues” beneath the name of Six Cylinder Smith. There is a lot evidence how the latter musician was the same guy who recorded beneath the name of Blind Percy, therefore by hooking up the Braille dots one may come to the final outcome that Blind Percy is in fact Blind Joe Taggart. This isn’t a theory that each blues scholar will abide by, however. Harmonica fans discover Six Cylinder Smith and perhaps Blind Percy as a number of the incredibly few proponents of a method of harmonica playing referred to as “rack harmonica.” This is actually the method Bob Dylan has harmonica, on the cable rack that matches within the performer’s mind and rests on his shoulder blades. In blues, the normal harmonica style requires a performer playing the harmonica in support of the harmonica, cupping the device in the hands and adding essential adjustments towards the audio with various spectacular hand motions. non-e of this can be done using a rack support, although scraping the internal area of the hearing while putting finished . on certainly is usually. No photographs can be found of Smith or Blind Percy; if indeed they did, sophisticated picture editing technology could probably locate such hearing scrapes and help set up who’s who and exactly how whoever it had been performed the harmonica and your guitar at exactly the same time, if they in fact did. White colored has never recognized that his previous boss Taggart could possibly be either Smith or Percy. The Chicago blues guitarist Jimmie Lee Robinson indicated within an interview that “a guy called Blind Percy” trained him acoustic guitar rudiments. This might place Blind Percy, probably Six Cylinder Smith, in Chicago in the ’30s and ’40s. His recordings through the decade before have already been anthologized in choices of music from Tx/Louisiana/Arkansas bluesmen, aswell as in full choices of Taggart due to the identity queries. Tracks related to Blind Percy consist of “Coal River Blues” and “Fourteenth Road Blues.”

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