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Blind Illusion

Formed in past due-’70s SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA by vocalist David Godfrey, guitarist Mike Biederman, bassist Alvin Petty, and drummer Brett Hern, Blind Illusion had been for years among the Bay Area’s most well-known underground metal rings. But the music group was never a lot more than an intermittent concern for those involved, and experienced numerous incarnations over time. By 1988, Godfrey acquired left to create thrash steel also-rans Heathen, and after a short stint with Blue ?-yster Cult, Biederman reconvened Blind Illusion by using lately ousted Possessed guitarist Larry LaLonde, bassist Les Claypool, and drummer Mike Miner. Released the same calendar year by British indie Music for Countries, The Sane Asylum was a quite exclusive, highly specialized thrash metal record, but it eventually got dropped in the Bay Region thrash picture shuffle, as well as the bandmembers shortly went their split methods. Claypool and LaLonde would continue to greater popularity and lot of money with alt-rock weirdos Primus, while Biederman provides kept himself active with session function. Rumor also offers it a second Blind Illusion recording entitled The Medication Show is within the can and awaiting launch.

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