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Blazin’ Squad

Self-proclaimed pioneers of “chav” culture, ten-piece pop/rap act Blazin’ Squad scored an extraordinary six consecutive TOP hits in only two years. Associates Flava, Plat’num, Strider, Freek, Krazy, Tommy-B, Melo-D, Spike-E, Reepa, and Kenzie all fulfilled at Higham Recreation area College in Chingford, London where they bonded more than a like of hip-hop. After documenting a demonstration, “Standard Stream,” at a close by studio for £200, the group released it to several pirate r / c under their very own label, Weighty Plates. Getting the interest of EastWest Information, they were quickly agreed upon and in 2002, simply weeks after completing their GCSEs, they released their debut one, “Crossroads.” A reworking from the 1996 Bone tissue Thugs-N-Harmony traditional, it became an instantaneous hit using the Smash Hits’ market, a staple of music video stations’ play lists, and reached number 1 in its initial week. Despite its achievement, the group’s picture and hip-hop-lite audio had been a continuing way to obtain derision for the press, and in mention of S Golf club 7’s spinoff group, these were tagged the “Therefore Solid Team Juniors.” This unflattering label didn’t deter their raising fanbase, with follow-up “Like at risk” reaching quantity six and debut recording Initially achieving gold position despite a lowly quantity 33 placement. Third solitary, the dual A-side “When the storyplot Ends”/”Reminisce” became their third TOP hit, (quantity eight) and after a sell-out 21-day tour, the group began work on fresh materials. In 2003, business lead single “We YOU NEED TO BE Dreamin” reached number 3 and after “Turn Reverse,” probably their most well-received solitary, charted one place higher, second recording Now or By no means premiered. Like their earlier work, it couldn’t do it again the achievement of its singles, scraping in at quantity 37 and after “All 4 One,” (quantity five) didn’t reignite desire for the task, all remained peaceful within the Blazin’ Squad front side for the rest of 2004. In 2005, their most prominent member, Kenzie, made an appearance on the recently revived Route 4 reality display Celebrity YOUR GOVERNMENT, where he became the shock success, completing runner-up to Happy Mondays’ dancer Bez. But soon after the display completed, the group divided and by the finish of the entire year, Kenzie, along with Wayne Murray (Flava) and Mus Omer, (Strider) experienced formed Fri Hill. In Oct 2006, Blazin’ Squad came back with simply four of their primary associates, but their return single, “FOREVER Long,” skipped the very best 40 as well as the group had been dropped. Several associates are rumored to become working on single professions and whispers of the reunion tour possess surfaced on the MySpace page.

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