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Blanche Blanche Blanche

Blanche Blanche Blanche were an experimental pop group centered around songwriters Sarah Delaney Smith and Zach Phillips, with efforts from several additional music artists during live shows. Their hyperkinetic home-recorded music combined complex plans performed on chintzy aged keyboards with Smith’s deadpan however sentimental vocals, all shipped with a wholesome dosage of absurdity. In the beginning located in Brattleboro, Vermont, the duo 1st collaborated as Sord, liberating several cassettes on Phillips’ OSR Tapes label from 2007. BBB’s 1st release was Tunes of Blanche Blanche Blanche, a cassette released by Night time People in 2011. The 7″ solitary “Talk ALOUD” also made an appearance on Feeding Pipe Records that 12 months. The group’s 1st vinyl fabric LP, Wink with Both Eye, appeared on Night time People in Apr of 2012, and received a great deal of acclaim from indie music websites and sites. The restlessly innovative group released many even more albums that 12 months, including Papas Resistant (La Train station Radar), one-sided LP 2wsnow 2wins and Our Place (both on Nourishing Pipe), and Open up Session Rock and roll (on OSR Tapes). Pursuing these produces, the group turned to a full-band audio, embracing guitars and live drums, and their music experienced even more of a paranoid punk advantage to it, but using the group’s typical Zappa-inspired knotty plans. The 7″ solitary “Rip-off” (acknowledged to B B B as well as the Parrots of Heaven) made an appearance on German label Adagio830 in early 2013. Wooden Ball made an appearance on Vermont-based NNA Tapes that March; the recording still maintained their keyboard-based audio, but with tighter musicianship and somewhat more socially mindful lyrics. The group relocated to Brooklyn and documented Breaking Mirrors, their 1st studio recording aswell as the 1st album with the group’s full-band lineup. BBB added to Matches & Begins, an record by percussionist David Truck Tieghem, that was released by RVNG Intl. The music group recorded its last full-length, Tips to Pilgrims, in Brooklyn; learned by Kramer, the record made an appearance on OSR Tapes in 2014. The label also released Termite Music, a two-hour cassette of live recordings and unreleased tracks. Blanche Blanche Blanche ceased documenting and executing in 2014, and Phillips continuing to perform OSR Tapes as an “offline” label through mail-order catalogs (even though the label did continue steadily to have an online business). He also continuing to release single cassettes and make/engineer recordings by various other performers, and he added Wurlitzer piano to Jib Kidder’s Teaspoon towards the Ocean.

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