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Black Ivory Ruler, aka Dave Alexander, rather sadly, didn’t spend a huge section of his profession recording — just four tracks survived him in record. He cut these for American Decca in Dallas early in 1937, and could are actually located in Dallas-Fort Worthy of during this time period. He was evidently a traveller from the rails, and provided an account of the section of his lifestyle in his finest tune, “The Traveling Crow,” called for the rail range he took away from Shreveport through Interface Arthur, TX and Ashdown, AR, and through Oklahoma into Kansas Town, MO. Next to nothing more is well known of the person, except that he was acquainted with the task of Blind Lemon Jefferson, slicing a edition of “Match Container Blues” that includes a number of the latter’s verses.

Quick Facts

Full Name Black Ivory King
Music Songs The Flying Crow, Working for the PWA, Gingham Dress, Match Box Blues, Working for the Wpa
Albums Texas Blues 1927 - 1937, Match Box Blues

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1 Father of Charlie King.



Outlawed Guns 1935 Henchman Frank Davilla (as Chas. King)
Queen of Burlesque 1946 Dugan
After the Dance 1935 Extra as Cafe Customer (uncredited)
Prairie Badmen 1946 Cal
Born to Gamble 1935 Prospector at Card Game (uncredited)
Chick Carter, Detective 1946 Joe Carney
The Roaring West 1935 Henchman Tex
Colorado Serenade 1946 Cowhand Muscles (uncredited)
The Silver Bullet 1935 Luke Hargrave
Ghost of Hidden Valley 1946 Ed Blackie Dawson
Air Hawks 1935 Ambulance Driver (uncredited)
The Caravan Trail 1946 Reno
Silent Valley 1935 Henchman Harry Keller
Thunder Town 1946 Bill Rankin
The Red Blood of Courage 1935 Henchman Joe (as Chas. King)
Hop Harrigan America's Ace of the Airways 1946 Arlen - Henchman (uncredited)
The Miracle Rider 1935 Hatton - Henchman
Ambush Trail 1946 Henchman Al Craig
Eight Bells 1935 Chauffeur (uncredited)
Lonesome Trail 1945 Rancher (uncredited)
Million Dollar Haul 1935 Savonne
Navajo Kid 1945 Cactus Hedges (as Charles King Jr.)
Born to Battle 1935 Jim Larmer
Flaming Bullets 1945 Porky Smith (as Charles King Jr.)
Mississippi 1935 Desk Clerk (uncredited)
Border Badmen 1945 Merritt
The Revenge Rider 1935 Henchman Sykes (uncredited)
Jungle Raiders 1945 Jake Rayne (uncredited)
The Whole Town's Talking 1935 Cameraman (uncredited)
Rustlers' Hideout 1945 Buck Shaw
Law Beyond the Range 1935 Townsman (uncredited)
Three in the Saddle 1945 Bart Rawlings (as Charles King Jr.)
Northern Frontier 1935 Mountie Wallace (uncredited)
The White Gorilla 1945 J. Morgan - the Trader
His Old Flame 1935 Short
Gangster's Den 1945 Butch
Behind the Evidence 1935 Chauffeur (uncredited)
Both Barrels Blazing 1945 Nevada (uncredited)
Broadway Bill 1934 Betting Parlor Window Man (uncredited)
The Lady Confesses 1945 Beach Cop (uncredited)
Jealousy 1934 Juror (uncredited)
Enemy of the Law 1945 Charley Gray (as Charles King Jr.)
Perfectly Mismated 1934 Short
The Monster and the Ape 1945 First Cop with Thor [Ch. 10,11,13]
Prescott Kid 1934 Henchman Blackie (uncredited)
Shadows of Death 1945 Steve Landreau
The Fighting Trooper 1934 Henchman Landeau
Docks of New York 1945 Coroner (uncredited)
There's Always Tomorrow 1934 Man in Car (uncredited)
Marked for Murder 1945 Henchman Pete Magoo
The Captain Hates the Sea 1934 Taxi Driver (uncredited)
His Brother's Ghost 1945 Thorne
Lady by Choice 1934 Drunk (uncredited)
The Navajo Trail 1945 Henchman Red
Wake Up and Dream 1934 Stagehand (uncredited)
The Big Bonanza 1944 Henchman Big Ben (uncredited)
Men in Black 1934 Short Anesthesiologist (uncredited)
Oath of Vengeance 1944 Mort - Henchman
Inside Information 1934 'Blackie' Black
Harmony Trail 1944 Jim Sorrell (as Chas. King)
Beyond the Law 1934 Express Guard
Alaska 1944 Miner (uncredited)
Name the Woman 1934 Reporter
The Great Mike 1944 Doc Slagle
Blind Date 1934 Red (uncredited)
Dead or Alive 1944 Red Avery (Yackey henchman)
The Defense Rests 1934 Reporter (uncredited)
Law of the Valley 1944 Henchman Miller
Punch Drunks 1934 Short Man on Truck (uncredited)
Black Arrow 1944 Townsman (uncredited)
Whom the Gods Destroy 1934 Balkan Passenger / Audience Member in Balcony (uncredited)
Code of the Prairie 1944 Election Informer (uncredited)
The Hell Cat 1934 Man in Newspaper Office (uncredited)
Gangsters of the Frontier 1944 Henchman Haner (as Charles King Jr.)
Mystery Ranch 1934 Sam
Land of the Outlaws 1944 Henchman Bart
Fargo Express 1933 Tom (uncredited)
Reckless Age 1944 Salesman (uncredited)
Strawberry Roan 1933 Curley
Brand of the Devil 1944 Henchman Bucko Lynn (as Charles King Jr.)
Rafter Romance 1933 Sidewalk Superintendent (uncredited)
Marshal of Reno 1944 Stagecoach Robber (uncredited)
The Fighting Parson 1933 Mike - Henchman
Fuzzy Settles Down 1944 Lafe Barlow
The Lone Avenger 1933 Nip Hawkes (as Chas. King)
Sonora Stagecoach 1944 Henchman Blackie Reed (as Chas. King)
Picture Snatcher 1933 Sick Reporter at Execution (uncredited)
Spook Town 1944 Trigger (as Charles King Jr.)
Son of the Border 1933 Henchey
Valley of Vengeance 1944 Henchman Burke
The Dude Bandit 1933 Wagon Driver (uncredited)
The Pinto Bandit 1944 Spur Sneely (as Charles King Jr.)
The Constant Woman 1933 Drunk (uncredited)
Follow the Boys 1944 Soldier (uncredited)
Crashin' Broadway 1932 Gus Jeffries
Outlaw Trail 1944 Henchman Chuck Walters (as Chas. King)
The Fighting Champ 1932 Jock Malone
Guns of the Law 1944 Kendall Lowther (as Charles King Jr.)
Young Blood 1932 Sheriff Jake Sharpe
Thundering Gun Slingers 1944 Steve Kirby
The Man from Arizona 1932 Collins
See Here, Private Hargrove 1944 Lieutenant (uncredited)
Between Fighting Men 1932 Cowhand (uncredited)
Frontier Outlaws 1944 Barlow (as Charlie King)
Outlaw Justice 1932 Volger (as Chas. King)
Arizona Whirlwind 1944 Henchman Duke Rollins
Fighting for Justice 1932 Carson (uncredited)
Outlaw Roundup 1944 Frank Harkins
Cornered 1932 Court Official (uncredited)
California Joe 1943 Henchman Ashley
The Hurricane Express 1932 Mike
A Guy Named Joe 1943 Lt. Collins (uncredited)
Honor of the Mounted 1932 Trapper Charlie
Cowboy in the Clouds 1943 Thripp (as Charles King Jr.)
A Man's Land 1932 Henchman Joe
Death Valley Rangers 1943 Blackie - Henchman
Vanishing Men 1932 Butch Grimes
The Texas Kid 1943 Red Grogan (uncredited)
Hotel Continental 1932 Party Guest (uncredited)
Boss of Rawhide 1943 Henchman Frank Hade (as Charles King Jr.)
The Gay Buckaroo 1932 'Faro' Parker
Devil Riders 1943 Del Stone
Ghost City 1932 Buck
The Return of the Rangers 1943 Henchman Bill Thorn (uncredited)
The Pocatello Kid 1931 One-Eye Trinidad
Outlaws of Stampede Pass 1943 Henchman Steve
Branded Men 1931 Mace
Blazing Guns 1943 Henchman Blackie
Range Law 1931 Bull Legal
Raiders of Red Gap 1943 Jack Bennett
Arizona Terror 1931 Ike - Henchman
Blazing Frontier 1943 Henchman Bidder at Auction (uncredited)
Alias the Bad Man 1931 Henchman Black
Danger! Women at Work 1943 Policeman (uncredited)
The Two Gun Man 1931 Thorne
Cattle Stampede 1943 Brandon - Henchman
The Mystery Trooper 1931 Mack - Henchman
Fighting Valley 1943 Henchman Slim
Fighting Thru; or, California in 1878 1930 Henchman Fox Tyson
The Stranger from Pecos 1943 Henchman Harmon
The Dawn Trail 1930 Skeets
Bordertown Gun Fighters 1943 Sheriff Barnes (uncredited)
Beyond the Law 1930 Brand
Border Buckaroos 1943 Henchman Rance Daggett
Under Montana Skies 1930 Frank Blake (uncredited)
The Man from Thunder River 1943 Henchman
The Oklahoma Cyclone 1930 McKim aka Black Diablo
Riders of the Rio Grande 1943 Thumber
Mountain Justice 1930 Mountain Man (uncredited)
Western Cyclone 1943 Ace Harmon
Camera Shy 1930 Short Major / Cousin in Story
A Gentle Gangster 1943 Thug (uncredited)
Christmas Cheer 1929 Short
Calling Wild Bill Elliott 1943 Henchman Ace (uncredited)
Baby Talks 1929 Short Party Magician
The Ghost and the Guest 1943 Dumb Detective (uncredited)
Slim Fingers 1929 Morgan (as Charles L. King)
The Ghost Rider 1943 Henchman Steve Cook
The Ol' Gray Hoss 1928 Short Passenger Who Gets Free Ride
Land of Hunted Men 1943 Faro Wilson
Sisters of Eve 1928 Wenam Gardner / Jerry Gardner (as Charles L. King)
Bad Men of Thunder Gap 1943 Henchman Pete
Fair and Muddy 1928 Short Chauffeur
Haunted Ranch 1943 Henchman Chuck
Taking the Count 1928 Short Mike
The Kid Rides Again 1943 Vic Landeau - Henchman
Barnum & Ringling, Inc. 1928 Short Amorous young man
Two Fisted Justice 1943 Trigger Farley, Henchman
No Blondes Allowed 1928 Short Mike
The Rangers Take Over 1942 Henchman Kip Lane
What a Party! 1928 Short Mike
Trail Riders 1942 Ed Cole
You Can't Beat the Law 1928 Red (as Charles L. King)
Outlaws of Boulder Pass 1942 Henchman Jake
Dates for Two 1928 Short Mike
Pirates of the Prairie 1942 Henchman Layton
There's a Will 1927 Short Mike
Overland Stagecoach 1942 Railroad Worker
Flaming Fathers 1927 Short Picnicker at the Beach (uncredited)
Along the Sundown Trail 1942 Big Ben Salter
Oh, Mabel! 1927 Short Mike
Border Roundup 1942 Henchman Blackie
All for Uncle 1927 Short Mike
Arizona Stage Coach 1942 Tim Douglas
Dancing Fools 1927 Short Mike
Prairie Pals 1942 Mitchell
Please Don't 1927 Short
Sheriff of Sage Valley 1942 Sloane
Range Courage 1927 Red Murphy (as Charles L. King)
Law and Order 1942 Mil Crawford
What an Excuse 1927 Short
Riders of the West 1942 Hogan - Henchman
My Mistake 1927 Short
Bad Men of the Hills 1942 Attorney (uncredited)
That's No Excuse 1927 Short
Tumbleweed Trail 1942 Vic Landreau, Henchman
Keeping His Word 1927 Short
Perils of the Royal Mounted 1942 Curly (Henchman) [Chs.1-9,12]
Jane's Hubby 1927 Short Jane's New Husband
Where Trails End 1942 Jim Regan (Crooked Rancher)
She's My Cousin 1927 Short The Bridegroom
Ghost Town Law 1942 Gus - Henchman
Be My Wife 1927 Short
Man with Two Lives 1942 Cop Who Gets Killed (uncredited)
Jane's Honeymoon 1927 Short unconfirmed
Stagecoach Express 1942 Bartender Talbot (uncredited)
Some More Excuses 1927 Short
Raiders of the West 1942 Duke Mallory
What's Your Hurry? 1927 Short
Below the Border 1942 Steve Slade
What'll You Have? 1927 Short
Forbidden Trails 1941 Fulton - Henchman
Raisin' Trouble 1926 Short Brother McGill
Billy the Kid's Round-Up 1941 Ed Slade
Snookums' Merry Christmas 1926 Short
Borrowed Hero 1941 Arresting Cop (uncredited)
Golf Widows 1926 Short
Lone Star Law Men 1941 Duke Lawson
A Second Hand Excuse 1926 Short Chester - the Suitor
Keep 'Em Flying 1941 Cadet (uncredited)
Please Excuse Me 1926 Short
The Lone Rider Fights Back 1941 Mitter
Which Is Which? 1926 Short
Billy the Kid Wanted 1941 Jack Saunders
Motor Trouble 1926 Short Charley
The Gunman from Bodie 1941 Steve Dunn - Henchman
Love's Hurdle 1926 Short
The Apache Kid 1941 Morgan (uncredited)
Honeymooning with Ma 1926 Short The Husband
Badlands of Dakota 1941 Plainview Gunman (uncredited)
Too Many Babies 1926 Short The Husband
The Lone Rider Ambushed 1941 Ranch Hand
Yearning for Love 1926 Short
The Iron Claw 1941 Silk Langdon
His Taking Ways 1926 Short
The Texas Marshal 1941 Henchman Ray Titus
Triple Action 1925 Dick Clayton (as Charles L. King)
Billy the Kid in Santa Fe 1941 Steve Barton (as Charlie King)
The Speedy Marriage 1925 Short
Law of the Range 1941 Henchman Walt
Hollywouldn't 1925 Short
Desert Bandit 1941 Dying Henchman at Wagon (uncredited)
Buster Be Good 1925 Short Buster's Father
The Lone Rider in Ghost Town 1941 Roberts
Educating Buster 1925 Short Buster's Father
Billy the Kid's Fighting Pals 1941 Badger - Henchman
Too Much Mother-in-Law 1925 Short The Husband
Roar of the Press 1941 Police Lieutenant Homer Thomas
So Long Bill 1925 Short The Practical Joker
Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie 1941 Outlaw (uncredited)
Paging a Wife 1925 Short
The Lone Rider Crosses the Rio 1941 Jarvis
The Mad Whirl 1925 Bit Part (uncredited)
Outlaws of the Rio Grande 1941 Henchman Trigger
Somewhere in Wrong 1925 Short A suitor
White Eagle 1941 Henchman Brace
Hearts of the West 1925 as Charles L. King
Riders from Nowhere 1940 Trigger
Andy's Stump Speech 1924 Short Guest in Lobby (uncredited)
Billy the Kid's Gun Justice 1940 Henchman Ed Baker (as Charlie King)
Julius Sees Her 1924 Short Charlemagne Rutledge
Pony Post 1940 Hamilton, the Gambler
Merry-Go-Round 1923 Nicki (as Charles L. King)
The Green Archer 1940 Tardoni (uncredited)
A Bully Pair 1922 Short Charlie
Billy the Kid in Texas 1940 Dave
The Black Bag 1922 Freddie Hallam
Under Texas Skies 1940 Rancher (uncredited)
The Price of Youth 1922 Short Hugh Monmouth (as Charles L. King)
Billy the Kid Outlawed 1940 Lefty - Murdered Henchman (uncredited)
The Mysterious Pearl 1921
Deadwood Dick 1940 Henchman Tex [Chs. 1-4, 6-9]
A Motion to Adjourn 1921 The Bartender (as Charles L. King)
One Man's Law 1940 Henchman Kells (uncredited)
I Do 1921 Short uncredited
Wild Horse Range 1940 Stoner
Singing River 1921 Grimes (as Charles L. King)
Lightning Strikes West 1940 Joe Lakin
The Trail of the Octopus 1919 Henchman (uncredited)
Terry and the Pirates 1940 Henchman Blackie (uncredited)
Repeating the Honeymoon 1918 Short The Minister
Son of the Navy 1940 Duke Johnson -Detective (as Chas. King Jr.)
The Birth of a Nation 1915 Undetermined Role (unconfirmed, uncredited)
The Cheyenne Kid 1940 Henchman Carson
West of Carson City 1940 Henchman Drag
The Shadow 1940 Russell (uncredited)
Zorro's Fighting Legion 1939 Henchman Valdez
South of the Border 1939 Bandit (uncredited)
Death Rides the Range 1939 Joe Larkin
Cowboys from Texas 1939 Cattleman Beau (uncredited)
Mutiny in the Big House 1939 Prison Guard Harris
The Phantom Creeps 1939 Cop (uncredited)
Taming of the West 1939 Jackson - Rancher
Oklahoma Frontier 1939 Henchman Soapy
The Oregon Trail 1939 Dirk - Morgan Henchman
Down the Wyoming Trail 1939 George Red Becker
Mesquite Buckaroo 1939 Trigger Carson
The Law Comes to Texas 1939 Kaintuck
Frontier Pony Express 1939 Henchman Lookout at Pine Ridge Station (uncredited)
Lone Star Pioneers 1939 Henchman Pike
Rollin' Westward 1939 Pat Haines (as Charles King Jr.)
Sundown on the Prairie 1939 Nate Dorgan (as Charles King Jr.)
Frontiers of '49 1939 Howard Brunton
Feud of the Range 1939 Henchman Dirk
Wild Horse Canyon 1938 Henchman Red
Song of the Buckaroo 1938 Max Groat
Santa Fe Stampede 1938 Henchman Ben (uncredited)
Gun Packer 1938 Chance Moore
Adventure in Sahara 1938 Legionnaire (uncredited)
In Early Arizona 1938 Kaintuck
Where the Buffalo Roam 1938 Henchman Bull (as Chas. King Jr.)
Starlight Over Texas 1938 Henchman Hank Boston (as Chas. King Jr.)
Utah Trail 1938 Henchman Badger
On the Great White Trail 1938 Henchman Lagrange
Panamint's Bad Man 1938 Hank - Henchman (uncredited)
Rollin' Plains 1938 Trigger Gargan
Man's Country 1938 Henchman Steve
Flaming Frontiers 1938 Blackie - Henchman (Chs. 6-10, 12, 14-15)
Gold Mine in the Sky 1938 House Painter (uncredited)
Songs and Saddles 1938 Lewis Sheppard aka Falcon
Phantom Ranger 1938 Henchman Dan
Songs and Bullets 1938 Sheriff
Thunder in the Desert 1938 Curt Harris (as Charlie King)
Frontier Town 1938 Henchman Pete Denby
The Lone Ranger 1938 Morley (uncredited)
The Fighting Deputy 1937 Scar Adams aka Jim Denton
Tex Rides with the Boy Scouts 1937 Bert Stark, Dorman Henchman
The Luck of Roaring Camp 1937 Sandy (as Charles King Jr.)
Danger Valley 1937 Dana (as Charles King Jr.)
Black Aces 1937 Jess Walker
God's Country and the Man 1937 Red Gentry (as Charles King Jr.)
Ridin' the Lone Trail 1937 Dusty Williams
The Mystery of the Hooded Horsemen 1937 Blackie Devlin
The Red Rope 1937 Henchman Red Mike
It Can't Last Forever 1937 Fritz (uncredited)
Riders of the Rockies 1937 Henchman Butch Regan
A Lawman Is Born 1937 Bert Moscript
Island Captives 1937 Kelly
Smoke Tree Range 1937 Rancher (uncredited)
The Painted Stallion 1937 Bull Smith
Sing, Cowboy, Sing 1937 Henchman Red Holman
Rootin' Tootin' Rhythm 1937 Black Jim
The Trusted Outlaw 1937 Bert Gilmore (as Charlie King)
Hittin' the Trail 1937 Henchman Slug
Lightnin' Crandall 1937 Carson Blaine (as Charlie King)
Headline Crasher 1937 Blake (uncredited)
Trouble in Texas 1937 Henchman Pinto
Circus Girl 1937 Doorman (uncredited)
Old Louisiana 1937 Guard (uncredited)
Love Is News 1937 Salesman (uncredited)
The Gambling Terror 1937 Brett (as Charlie King)
Man of the People 1937 Announcer (uncredited)
Find the Witness 1937 Burton
Headin' for the Rio Grande 1936 Henchman Tick
Sinner Take All 1936 Reporter (uncredited)
Hats Off 1936 'Handsome' (uncredited)
The Phantom of the Range 1936 Henchman Mark Graden
Rip Roarin' Buckaroo 1936 Bones Kennedy
Shadow of Chinatown 1936/I Henchman Grogan [Chs. 1-13]
Libeled Lady 1936 Barker (uncredited)
Men of the Plains 1936 Johnson
Brand of the Outlaws 1936 Rufe Matlock
Santa Fe Bound 1936 Steve Denton (as Chas. King)
Idaho Kid 1936 Bibb Slagel
The Crooked Trail 1936 Lanning
The Phantom Rider 1936 Henchman Keeler
The Law Rides 1936 Hank Davis (as Charlie King)
Guns and Guitars 1936 Henchman Sam
Hearts in Bondage 1936 Merrimac Seaman (uncredited)
The Cowboy and the Kid 1936 Deputy (uncredited)
The Lonely Trail 1936 Sentry (uncredited)
Gunsmoke 1956-1957 TV Series Barfly / Townsman / Man Sitting in Chair / ...
Burning Gold 1936 Henchman (uncredited)
The Great Adventures of Captain Kidd 1953 Pirate Helping Rob Natives (uncredited)
Pinto Rustlers 1936 Jimmy (uncredited)
Gunfire 1950 Man who Shoots Riley (uncredited)
Last of the Warrens 1936 Kent
Atom Man vs. Superman 1950 Eavesdropping Robber at Daily Planet [Ch. 10] (uncredited)
O'Malley of the Mounted 1936 Henchman Brody (uncredited)
Did'ja Know? 1950 Short Sleepy Businessman
Desert Phantom 1936 Henchman Dan (as Charlie King)
Western Pacific Agent 1950 Hobo (uncredited)
Red River Valley 1936 Sam
The Adventures of Sir Galahad 1949 Sir Bors
Sutter's Gold 1936 San Francisco Committee Man (uncredited)
Stampede 1949 Ed (uncredited)
Fast Bullets 1936 Bill, a Henchman (uncredited)
Bruce Gentry 1949 Ivor
Lucky Terror 1936 Wheeler
Congo Bill 1948 Kleeg
The Lawless Nineties 1936 Hartley - Henchman
The Strange Mrs. Crane 1948 Anxious Juror (uncredited)
The Kid Ranger 1936 Henchman Joe (as Charlie King)
Superman 1948 Conrad [Chs. 6-15]
Valley of the Lawless 1936 Henchman Regan
Tex Granger: Midnight Rider of the Plains 1948 Flint (uncredited)
Tough Guy 1936 Observer (uncredited)
Oklahoma Blues 1948 Fake Sheriff (as Charles L. King)
Sunset of Power 1936 Jim Coley
Brick Bradford 1947 Creed
Exclusive Story 1936 Second Friend (uncredited)
The Wistful Widow of Wagon Gap 1947 Gunman (uncredited)
The Lion Man 1936 Arab Henchman (uncredited)
Ridin' Down the Trail 1947 Rancher Brown (as Charles L. King)
Just My Luck 1935 Henchman Lefty
Jesse James Rides Again 1947 Camp Henchman (uncredited)
Trail of Terror 1935 Hashknife (as Charlie King)
Wyoming 1947 Nester (uncredited)
The Singing Vagabond 1935 Henchman Red (uncredited)
Killer at Large 1947 Bartender
Swifty 1935 Poker Player (uncredited)
Three on a Ticket 1947 Drunk (as Charles King Sr.)
The Ivory-Handled Gun 1935 Henchman Tom (uncredited)
Law of the Lash 1947 Sheriff Rand
Tailspin Tommy in The Great Air Mystery 1935 Burly Henchman in Pith Helmet [Chs. 3, 5, 6] (uncredited)
Son of Zorro 1947 Henchman (uncredited)
His Fighting Blood 1935 Constable Black, RCMP (as Chas. King)
Son of the Guardsman 1946 Sir Edgar Bullard (uncredited)
The Public Menace 1935 Photographer (uncredited)
Her Sister's Secret 1946 Mardi Gras Carriage Driver (uncredited)
Tumbling Tumbleweeds 1935 Henchman Blaze (uncredited)
Outlaw of the Plains 1946 Nord Finner (as Charles King Jr.)
Sundown Saunders 1935 Jack Mace
Lawless Breed 1946 Tim Carson
The Adventures of Rex and Rinty 1935 Henchman Martin



Tumbling Tumbleweeds 1935 performer: "Corn-fed and Rusty" 1935 - uncredited

Archive Footage

Archive Footage

Hey Moe, Hey Dad! 2015 TV Series documentary Various characters
Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch 1976 Kent / Sorrell
Flaming Frontiers 1966 TV Movie uncredited
The Gabby Hayes Show 1956 TV Series Bart / Crandall Henchman / Thorn / ...
Son of the Renegade 1953 Outlaw in Prologue (uncredited)
Law of the Panhandle 1950 Raider (uncredited)
The Phantom Creeps 1949 TV Movie Car-Crash Cop (uncredited)
Ghost of Zorro 1949 Wagon Driver - Ch. 2 (uncredited)
Last Days of Boot Hill 1947 Henchman Nevada (uncredited)
Hi-Yo Silver 1940 Morley (uncredited)
The Painted Stallion 1938 Bull Smith
Paroled - To Die 1938 Barfly (uncredited)
Shadow of Chinatown 1936/II Grogan (a thug)

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