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Billy Jones

Bassist Billy Jones is from the early days from the POOL Q’s combo, an interval that’s unfortunately not really documented to any great extent on recordings. Surface was broken because of this musical pool in 1978, with Jones carrying out his bass strokes behind the ongoing twin electric guitar and songwriting cooperation of Bob Elsey and Jeff Calder. Robert Schmid was the drummer, and doggie-paddling someplace aside was Anne Richmond Boston, among an elite band of rock and roll performers who used prize items off their gadget collection on-stage. In those days the only playthings at a Southern rock and roll event had been people such as for example Toy Caldwell, business lead guitarist using the Marshall Tucker Music group. Jones might have been a musician from Georgia but he was a good example of a new breed of dog who weren’t attracted to hard-rocking boogie. He was a lot more inspired by avant-garde rock and roll and Captain Beefheart, on an area basis towards the pickers from the Peach Condition thanks to the current presence of the probably similarly startling Hampton Grease Music group. By enough time the POOL Q’s produced their full-length record debut in 1981, nevertheless, areas of the group’s tempo section have been changed. This included Jones getting changed by Pete Jarkunas. Considering that it’s always feasible to find somebody ready to kvetch in regards to a group changing bass players, it ought to be reported that golf club denizens from the time recall something of the switch in the group’s repertoire rigtht after your choice to allow Jones dried out off. Calder offers described in interviews that tunes were actually fallen because the fresh bassist was struggling to find out everything in today’s book. Taking into consideration the band’s name, this may be the contrary of skimming scum off a pool if the effect was the increased loss of quality materials. Jones could be heard using the group within the first POOL Q’s solitary, released in 1979. He co-wrote the alarming “The A-Bomb Woke Me Up,” lots the brand new bassist do bypass to learning, because the group do a new edition for the 1981 recording.

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