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Billy Clark

Using the surname of Clark multiplying across the Appalachians like discarded chewing tobacco tins, no presumption should ever be produced of any relation between one Clark and another, despite prevailing public opinion concerning breeding mores in these backwoods territories. While you can find certainly many people named Expenses Clark, Billy Clark, and William Clark that classic bluegrass fiddler shouldn’t be recognised incorrectly as, the accurate information concerning his history do hyperlink him solidly with many families that performed music, and not simply the Clark family members for example. The fiddler Billy Clark performed in several rings with his sibling, bassist Hayden Clark. Among the groupings they proved helpful in jointly was largely filled by their cousins, the McCormick Brothers. The fiddler provides played with various other outfits within this genre aswell, turning up among legions of like-minded players on the Rounder Bluegrass compilation as well as obtaining his name above the name with an indie bluegrass pressing with Billie Sue as well as the Countryboys, Producing Thoughts. Clark’s most observed occasions in bluegrass may possess indeed experienced the past, nevertheless, due to the historical gravitas ultimately granted the documenting periods the McCormick Brothers undertook in the ’50s and ’60s with respect to the ambitious Hickory label.

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