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Big Ass Vehicle was formed within the middle-’90s in Memphis around core associates Steve Selvidge (guitar) and Robert Barnett (drums). The psychedelic funk music group released its debut record on an area label in 1995 and obtained a following within the South by touring with 311. After touring pretty extensively through the entire Southeast, Big Ass Vehicle was devote connection with Upstart Information in Boston via Robert Gordon, writer of “It ORIGINATED FROM Memphis.” Upstart re-released the group’s debut combined with the sophomore record, Kent. The people in Big Ass Vehicle decided they wished to perform “something just a little different” because of their third work, and Upstart place them touching Yep Roc information. The Sack Lunchtime EP premiered in 1997. Big Ass Vehicle recorded the very first half within a studio room and the next half on the 4 track within the group’s practice space. Who ENABLE YOU TO in Here made an appearance in 1998 as well as the Rug premiered in 2001. Big Ass Vehicle guitarist/vocalist Robby Offer provides released multiple single albums and he and Barnett possess since produced the offbeat indie rock and roll outfit Mouserocket.

Quick Facts

Full Name Big Ass Truck
Music Songs Lil Tico, Queenie Come Clean, Hands of a Working Man, The Neco, Sparkle Inner Eye, Buttertooth Jenkins, 9 Bullets, Quart St Parakeet, ¿Who Let You in Here?, Fading Fast Fad, Marty at the Poor and Hungry, Rascacielo, Thermopolis, Theem From, The Rug, Return to Thermopolis, Dog Chases an Iguana Up a Tree and Barks at It All Night, Doughblood, 3X Over, Just Sick, The March of the Dirty Razors, Slow Motion Time, Add-A-shag, Taylor, Mississippi, 30 K G's, The Wardrobe, The Me, Heavy Petting Zoo, Rural Retreat, The Ghost Story, The Portuguese Man o' War, Yums
Albums Kent, The Rug, Who Let You in Here?, Sack Lunch EP

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