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Better Than one thousand was essentially a part project that, want many such tasks within the hardcore punk picture, eventually took on the life of its. The group’s genesis place in the innovative duo of guitarist/songwriter Graham Property and drummer Ken Olden, a Washington, D.C.-region straight-edge child who played acoustic guitar for the straight-edge revival clothing Battery as well as the decidedly metallic Damnation AD. Each of them desired to art a body of tunes that recalled the soul from the bygone “youngsters crew” period of positive-thinking espousing, fast-paced shifting, sing-a-long inducing hardcore. They produced a couple of tunes and believed, “who easier to sing upon this than Ray Cappo?” Cappo experienced practically led the genre through it’s earlier incarnation, fronting straight-edge flag wavers Youngsters of Today, before disbanding the group to spend his existence to being truly a Hare Krishna monk and preaching the religion’s suggestions through the music group Shelter. Shelter performed hardcore music for a while, but experienced by that time developed into something very much slicker and much more industrial, so Cappo jumped at the opportunity to revisit his past barking-vocal design. He enthusiastically laid down most of his parts in two times, inside a bedroom studio room setup. His tone of voice could even be noticed obtaining noticeably hoarse by the finish of JUST ONE SINGLE, MUCH BETTER THAN a Thousand’s debut recording, released in July 1997 through Revelation Information. The group started touring when it might, between its users full-time tasks’ schedules. They actually released another album, Value Powered, in the past due ’90s, before silently dissolving, partly over Cappo’s decision to give up the straight-edge way of life.

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Full Name Better Than a Thousand
Music Songs Live Today, Self Worth, We Spoke Our Minds, It Never Rains, When Seasons Change, We Must Believe, Born To Give, Demand Independence, Is It Education...?, Like The Wind, Alternative Nation, I'll Not Resist, Crisis Of Man, You Were the One, Just One, Power Within, Out of Fashion, I Can Make a Difference, Motivation, It May Be Out of Fashion, Apology, Nightclub, Sunshine, Poision In Your Brain, Once Again, Transformation, What Are We Competing For?, You Were There, Twelve, In Your Face, See It Through
Albums Value Driven, Just One, Discography

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