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Best Kissers in the World


Best Kissers on the planet certainly are a Seattle-based rock and roll quartet featuring Dave Swafford (bass, vocals), Tim Arnold (drums, vocals), Jimmy Paulson (business lead acoustic guitar), and Gerald Collier (vocals, acoustic guitar). They released a self-titled EP through Sub Play 1991 before inking a cope with MCA. Two albums had been then released in 1993, Puddin’ as well as the band’s only full-length, Been There. The second option record spawned the solitary “Miss Teenager U.S.A.,” which discovered some airplay on university radio. Greatest Kissers on earth disbanded in 1995 and Collier continued release a albums under his very own name.

Quick Facts

Music Songs Miss Teen U.S.A., Goldfish Bowl, Hungover Together, Laughable, Bitch Can't Sing, Pickin' Flowers For, Bad About the Fact, She Won't Get Under Me Till I Get Over You, Slightly Used, Present at Your Party, You Love Sleepin', Four Letter Name for Lame, Kick Between the Knees, Letter From You, They Give Each Other Diseases, Hit Parader, Pick Up the Tempo, Lonely Enough to Lie, Dance of the Spanish Fire Weasel, Dead Have Everything, Royal Pain in the Ass, Broke My Knee, Goddamn, Workin' on Donita, Vicodine, Smoke Rings, 60 Seconds, Countin' Out Dexedrine, I Fucked Up Again, Worried About It, Roadside Attraction, Split in Two
Albums Yellow Brick Roadkill, Been There, Puddin', Best Kissers in the World

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