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Bert (Bertha) Davis

Like spots of food on the dish, the name Bert Davis could be revealed by carefully scouring the credits on different record brands. Additional songwriting credits under titles such as for example Howard Richards, Billy Collins, Rinky Scott Jones, Phoebe Snow (while not the popular one), Glenn Gibson, and Adrienne Garblik had been in fact pseudonyms for Davis, but even more accurately Bertha Davis than Bert Davis. That’s because there is no Bert Davis, at least not just one who wrote tracks. There is a Bertha Davis, sure — actually there have been two. Both wives of record manufacturer, publisher, songwriter, and label supervisor Joe Davis been called Bertha. During both relationships he utilized their names being a conduit for posting money. The name Bert Davis was an aquaduct getting these publishing resources to Bertha Davis and following that back to papa Joe Davis. He was the main one who got wrangled the consuming rights to different songs, was filling up recording program urns up with these game titles, and didn’t want to buy to appear to be one individual was “composing” all of the materials. Thus the intricate irrigation program of pseudonyms, the heyday which was between 1952 and 1954. Although neither from the wives called Bertha actually had written music, Bertha Davis number 2 was involved with handling the Hudco label in the initial half from the ’60s. The corporation was called in tribute to her grandson, William “Hud” Collins. Ironically, the similar-sounding name Bernice Evans can be a songwriting credit from your doo wop period that is significantly less than legitimate.

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