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When there is a genuine songwriter out there with the name of Bert, Bertha, or Bernice Davis or any deviation thereof, he or she should operate and restore some integrity to brands badly tarnished with the corrupt posting practices of the first rock & move period. A songwriting scholar currently reeling in the revelation that there is actually no such person as the Bert Davis acknowledged with composing a lot of ditties will end up being saddened to learn that although Bernice Davis been around, she wasn’t a lot of a tunesmith. What she was, was the wife of the disk jockey who wasn’t a lot of a songwriter either. non-etheless, both their brands finished up with composing credits for “Long Depressed Nights.” The backdrop of this tune does certainly promise an extended nights accounting techniques, but you might hardly be depressed considering the variety of individuals in the fraud. The traditional doo wop amount was documented aplenty, with variations available with the Four Periods and Clyde McPhatter, to mention just a couple. In the previous case the label squinter will dsicover the brands Lee Andrews and Bernice Davis, which is certainly the way the songwriting credits because of this tune sometimes show up. This suggests a vintage male and feminine songwriting group, as was well-known in this era. Regrettably, ripping off the true songwriter was the thing happening, also a traditional move around in the music business during any period. On additional recordings of the track, the credits go through Andrews/Davis/Henderson/Uniman or Uniman, Abbott, Andrews, and Henderson, the second option version departing Davis in the lonesome zone for certain. The flip part of the initial single version of the track from the Hearts was an alarming track entitled “The Time clock,” acknowledged to Curry, Golder, Binnick, and Davis. Period for everyone to put up their name tags. Mimi Uniman was wedded to the effective Philadelphia disk jockey Hy Lit, whose name appears like stoner’s shorthand. Davis was involved towards the Philadelphia DJ Georgie Timber at this time and they certainly were married afterwards. Butch Curry was an associate from the Hearts and was the individual who had in fact written the tune, simply by himself. All of those other individuals were, in no particular purchase, a set of disc jockeys, who owns a record firm, his business partner, and another bandmember who didn’t compose the tune.

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