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Bernardo Pisano

While students at Ss Annunziata in Florence Pisano became connected with Cardinal Giovanni who later on became Pope Leo X. In 1511 Pisano was the grasp from the choristers at the institution and by 1512 was the grasp from the cathedral chapel. That’s where he became familiar to Giovanni. By 1514 he was appointed as an associate from the papal choir ultimately settling completely in Rome in 1520. During his existence in Rome, Pisano offered beneath the papacy of Leo X, Clement VII and Paul III, who, in 1546, produced him the grasp of his personal chapel. This band of six choristers included Arcadelt. A prominent physique in the creative existence of Rome, Pisano was acquainted with Michelangleo, Bugiardini, Rustici, Caro and Varchi. Pisano’s “Musica di messer Bernardo Pisano sopra le canzone del Petrarcha,” his musical legacy, was the 1st printed assortment of madrigals by an individual composer. As you of preliminary madrigalists, together with Festa, Verdelot and Arcadelt, Pisano’s music displays the dominant features from the madrigal and ballata: appropriate textual emphasis; textual moods conveyed through the music; contrasts denoted by juxtapositions of chords and imitation, repeated terms or phrases on the same or different music, duos or trios arranged following to four component composing, and repetition from the last type of a text.

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