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Following a decade in Bay Region bands like Limbomaniacs, Big Janitor, and MCM & the Monster, Anthony “House” Chaba (coding/bass) and Eric “Dr. Ware” Ware (development/keyboards) produced Ben Wa as an shop for their digital music passions and desire to make a dub record. Devil Dub, released in 1998 on Dark Hole, was the consequence of lots of time, live parts performed by Buckethead, Human brain, and Mirv, as well as the trial of syncing a sampler, sequencers, mixers, and processed-challenged computer systems. But, regardless of the difficulty, the record was really worth it. A distinctive and modern replay of dub as “dub hop,” the Oakland group also arrived on-stage with renowned Jamaican dub manufacturer Scientist because of their record discharge party. Disciples of Retro-Tech implemented in 2001 on Stray Information. For this record, Ben Wa revisited electro — an early-’80s mixture of hip-hop and electro-pop — to build a collection that deftly utilizes vintage keyboards, kitschy synthesizers, and Kraftwerk pc melodies for the Chemical substance Brothers danceable flair.

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