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Bellemou Messaoud


Affectionately referred to as ‘La Pere du Rai (THE DADDY Of Rai)’, Messaoud Bellemou helped user in a fresh era for Algerian dance music. A trumpet participant inside a town band, through the 1960s, Bellemou offers continued to include western tools, including saxophone, trumpet, violin, lute and accordion, and affects which range from jazz and rock and roll to flamenco and Latin music.

Quick Facts

Full Name Messaoud Bellemou
Date Of Birth 1947
Profession Singer, Film Score Composer
Music Songs C'est Pas Ma Faute, Wahran, Milouda, Lala H'bibi, Kayen Rabi, Khla dar m'ha, El Chira Illi Nbigha, Rire Zarga Ouana, Ana Wa Gzalli, Adieu l'amour, Goululha Twali, Nzour Nabra, Andi probleme, Sartli Ma Nawdchi, Lah lah ya s'habi, Lala Habibi Ouah, Harai harai ouama, Khalouni Menha, El barriere, El Achika Ma Nabrach, Chanson pour lekip, Lhalia dari, Hada raykoum, Meha ouyel i bet, Hadi Aouina, Khla darumha khalia, Musique instrumental, Kinetfacar, Babour Eli Jabni, Shah Fiya, Bedala, Li maandouche l'auto
Albums Le Pere Du Rai, Wahram: Live at Extrafesta, C'est Pas Ma Faute, Hadi Aouina, Le roi de la trompette, The Father of Raï, Warhan, Galbi galbi (Le père du raï moderne), A raï atalef (Le père du raï moderne)
Movies Late For My Mother's Funeral

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