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Vancouver indie pop trio Bella includes Cameron Fraser, Tiffany Garrett Sotomayor, and Charla McCucheon swapping equipment and trading off their business lead singer duties within an accessible design of music that might be classified seeing that retro-danceable shoegaze-pop, if this kind of genre existed. The music are crafted with basic drum machine beats, clean guitars, Casios, and guy/gal harmonies (or gal/guy harmonies, based on which member will take center stage) within an electro-clash of airy vocals and peppy pop agreements. By using manufacturer Colin Stewart (Sizzling hot Hot Heat, Dark Hill), they documented their debut record Pretty Clutter in 2004. After some touring within the fall of 2006, they released a divide 7″ with Alberta’s Columbus, and adopted it up making use of their second full-length NOBODY Will Understand after putting your signature on to Mint Information in Feb of 2007.

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