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Brought together by way of a common like from the Legendary Red Dots, the Dutch duo Beequeen arrived collectively in the past due ’80s, made up of vocalist/instrumentalist Freek Kinkelaar and laptop computer designer Frans de Waard, whose desire to create abrasive, thoughtful music match well in to the emerging industrial pop picture. Showing a razor-sharp wit along with a moderate self-identity, Beequeen produced music that didn’t quite match any provided category once it had been finished. The music group was called in tribute to 1 from the duo’s preferred visual performers, but a lot of Beequeen’s early gigs drew uncommon crowds, because the locations often published “Become Queen” around the marquee. An unhealthy live show influenced these to obtain even weirder, plus they pumped out countless underground tapes, information, and CDs in the next years. The majority of this wasn’t obtainable beyond a little local pursuing, but their status slowly grew and several paid exorbitant charges for homemade cassettes of the music. Beequeen continuing to experiment, ultimately beginning Plinkity Plonk Information and deploying it release a their solo materials as well. By firmly taking hiatuses and permitting one another to wander, Kinkelaar and de Waard allowed Beequeen to last for a long time, issuing Ownliness via an impartial distributor in the summertime of 2002, accompanied by such extra produces as Gund (2003), The Bodyshop (2005), and Sandancing (2008), the second option offering vocalist Olga Wallis, whose addition to the lineup in 2007 extended Beequeen from a duo to some trio.

Quick Facts

Height 1.19 m
Music Songs Sad Sheep, On the Road to Everywhere, Sandancing, Last Song of the Dodo, The Maypole Song, Bodyshop, Swag Cave, Admiration of the Rod, Moj Najveci Strah, The Dream-O-Phone, Port Out Starboard Home, The Edie Three Step, Penelope Patience, I'm Searching for Field Character, Shedur, The Really Big Shew, Honingpumpe, Parselmouth, Saving Pennies for a Present, My Wicked Wicked Ways, Sturmwind, Chorok, There, It Has Been Said, Phlight, Someday Today, Long Stones and Circles, Beam Ends, Black Eyed Dog, Nouen, Six Inside, A While Away, The Centipede Song
Albums Ownliness, The Bodyshop, Music for the Head Ballet, Port Out Starboard Home, Mort Aux Vaches: Stet Son, Aughton - The Patient Books, Circum Scala Destillans, Time Waits for No One, Do Be Do, Der Holzweg, Sandancing Demos, Sandancing, Sugarbush, Natursymfonie, Summer Rain, Treatise, Sugarbush - The Beginnings, Der Holzweg - The 13th Anniversary Edition, White Tusk / Fly Like an Eagle, The Surrough Gate, A Touch of Brimstone, Seltenturm, Gund, Seltenturm: The Beesides 1989-2000, Anthology 2 (The Compilation Tracks 1989-1997), Stetson

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