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Bedlam (originally referred to as Beast when it formed in 1972) was a Uk hard rock-band featuring vocalist Frank Aiello (from Truth), guitarist Dave Ball (from Procol Harum), bassist Dennis Ball (formerly with Long John Baldry), and drummer Cozy Powell (formerly with Jeff Beck). They produced one self-titled record made by Felix Pappalardi (manufacturer of Cream, person in Hill) in 1973, before splitting up in 1974.

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Music Songs Bedlam Is, Putting on the Flesh, Bedlamitez Rize, Wolverine Intro, Blood Red, Nuclear Summer, A.M.K.R., S.A.G.I.N.A.W., In Love With the Dead, Wastelandz of Saginaw, Murder Parade, Chemical Imbalancez, It'z Murder, Locked in Bedlam 2001, Inner Demonz, Check the Children, It's Murder Again, Carnival Lights, Rivers of Sleep, Magic Carpet Ride, No More Room in Hell, Looking Through Love's Eyes, Asbestos On My Balls, Hellridez, Last Ritez, Voices, Check The Children w/ Mike E Clark, Dead People, Intro, Feel Em From the Grave, Harvest Moon, Don't Know Ya w/Mastamind of Natas
Albums Bedlamitez Rize, Live in London 1973, The Wickedstock Detroit Show, Chemical Imbalancez, Volume 1, Chemical Imbalancez, Volume 2, Bedlam, Into the Coals, Shock Treatment, Anthology

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