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Using a name that appears like the mumblings of the beginning English student, the slight career of Bea Foote will tempt punsters to create cracks about her being only a Foote-note in blues history. And about enticement, this artist’s selection of subject material for tracks — mainly reefer and sex — wouldn’t normally make her the type of gal you’d wish to buying to mom, unless mother was Bessie Smith, needless to say. The latter musician is certainly probably the most well-known artist within this design that also contains greats such as for example Alberta Hunter and Ethel Waters. As the Foote-hold on achievement can’t be in comparison to these performers, officially she was among the better performers within the design, boasting an especially solid vibrato that she place to good use within her recordings with bluesman Sammy Cost. The reputation of anthology choices concentrating on sexy blues tracks have provided a normal outlet for a few of her materials on a number of brands, yet also this lucrative marketplace is threatening to become smoked out, as they say, by an unbelievable wave of passion for marijuana tracks that started sometime in the middle-’90s, probably as an adjunct to the Battle on Medications. Foote’s tune “Weed” is definitely considered one of the better, and the most recent puff appealing in this subject matter has included not merely reissues on brands such as for example Stash of her very own recording from the tune, but a cover edition as well with the pot-obsessed Leave 13 band.

Quick Facts

Full Name Bea Foote
Music Songs Try and Get It, Could Be You, I Want a Long Time Daddy, Baby Ain't You Satisfied, Jive Lover, Weed, Weeds, Satisfied
Albums Satisfied

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