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Sven Vath and Ralph Hildenbeutel, the duo behind Vath’s two middle-’90s solo albums, also collaborate simply because Barbarella. They fulfilled in 1990, just like Hildenbeutel was shifting toward dance and Vath was founding the attention Q label with Heinz Roth. After documenting an record as Zyon, they started Barbarella in 1992 and also have released many singles and an record, The Artwork of Dance.

Quick Facts

Full Name Barbarella
Music Songs Barbarella, Goodnight Alfie, Spaceship Out Of Control, Ski Ride, The Hungry Dolls, Love, Love, Love Drags Me Down, Pygar Finds Barbarella, I Love All The Love In You, The Labyrinth, Pygar's New Wings, Fight In Flight, Entrance Into Sogo, Hello Pretty Pretty, Pygar's Persecution, The Black Queen's Beads, Dead Duck, The Pill, Smoke (Viper Vapor), The Sex Machine, The Chamber Of Dreams, The Destruction Of Sogo, An Angel Is Love
Albums Sucker For Your Love, Felicidade

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