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This Buffalo, NY, USA-based death metal band rose in the ashes of Baphomet, and released one album, The Dead Shall Inherit, in 1991 on Deaf Records. The name transformation was prompted by way of a German group who stated prior usage of the name, and Banished was chosen to avert potential legal complications. Nevertheless, their debut materials under the brand-new name had not been without its complications. Several commentators had been struck with the sleeve artwork of the 1993 album, created by Tim Vigil from Faust Comic Books – unconsciously echoing a sentiment within the spoof ‘rockumentary’ THAT IS Spinal Touch, their guitarist Tom Frost justified the cover hence: ‘It’s nothing like a sexist part of the feeling that it’s true. The picture provides all ladies in it, also the demon in the centre is a female, with an enormous strap-on horn…’

Quick Facts

Full Name Banished
Music Songs Deliver Me Unto Pain, Diseased Chaos, Cast Out the Flesh, Enter the Confines, Valley of the Dead, Through Deviant Eyes, Inherit His Soul, Altered Minds, Succumb to the Fear, Anointing of the Sick, Scars, Skinned
Albums Deliver Me Unto Pain

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