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As its name implies, BandAdriatica attracts the core of its repertoire from Balkan states bordering the Adriatic Sea. Hence, a couple of echoes of Albania, Bosnia, Croatia and in the western aspect of the ocean, Italy; while Greece, towards the south-east from the Ionian Ocean, also offers its influence. Music artists in the music group have got included Claudio Prima (body organ, vocals), Andrea Perrone (trumpet), Gaetano Carrozzo (trombone), Domenico Zizzi (tuba), Emanuele Coluccia (saxophone), Vincenzo Grasso (clarinet, saxophone), Redi Hasa (cello, bouzouki, bass), and Ovidio Venturoso (percussion). Amongst others who have made an appearance with BandAdriatica, in concert and on record, are Alessandra Caiulo, Roberto Chiga, Valerio Daniele, Maria Mazzotta, Giancarlo Paglialunga, Manuela Salinaro and Ruler Naat Veliov. Through the first 00s, BandAdriatica performed at many music celebrations, generally in Eastern Europe. Furthermore to executing under their very own name, in the middle-00s, BandAdriatica also made an appearance with Veliov’s Primary Kocani Orkestar.

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