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Banda do Corpo de Bombeiros

The Banda perform Corpo de Bombeiros may be the most well-known Brazilian band ever. That they had around 30 music artists during their basis and were structured and 1st conducted from the popular Anacleto de Medeiros. In 1896, Medeiros was asked from the lieutenant-colonel Eugênio Jardim to arrange the Banda perform Corpo de Bombeiros and do therefore by recruiting previous colleagues from the Battle Arsenal, just like the trumpet players Luís de Souza and Casemiro Rocha and additional proficient chorõsera (choro players). The grade of the music artists and plans (by Medeiros himself, who was simply an excellent melodist, great harmonizer, and superb orchestrator, based on the standards of that time period) managed to get easy for the music group to consider the forefront from the musical picture, becoming sensibly much better than the competition. These were the initial music group to record in Brazil as well as the Casa Edison catalog of 1902 acquired many cylinders and plates signed up by the music group. Among the cylinders, there may be the “Sinfonia perform Guarani” (three cylinders), the valses “Albertina,” “Despedida,” “Marília,” “Cecília,” “Noites de Luar,” the polkas “Jurandi,” “Lídia,” “Depois perform Casamento,” “Riso de Anjo,” “Delicada,” “Tatá,” “29,” “Anacleto de Medeiros,” “Em Família,” “Geni,” “Perereca,” amongst others, and, among the plates (little and big), there may be the Country wide Anthem, “S. José” and “Espanhola” (marches), “Flamengo,” “Cosmopolita,” and “Nenê Mendes” (armed forces marches). The primary music artists had been Antão (clarinet), Casimiro Rocha (trumpet), Lucas, and Gonzaga (basses), amongst others. After Anacleto de Medeiros’s demise on August 14, 1907, the next masters overran the band’s path: Agostinho de Luís Gouveia, Albertino Pimentel (the “Carramona”), Antônio Pinto Júnior, Ilídio Antônio perform Nascimento, Adjalme Rodrigues da Silva, Luís Paulo da Silva (1960), Dionísio Rosa Reis (1961/1962), and Otônio Benvenuto da Silva. The Banda perform Corpo de Bombeiros provides recorded many LPs for many labels, following the Odeon record Marchas de Rancho, which acquired significant success.

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