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Produced in 1999, Balatonizer hail from Palermo, Sicily, and so are made up of vocalist Mario Musumeci, bassist Rodan di Maria, and guitarist and drum programmer Marco Failla, whose day work as an artist for Marvel Comics Europe enables him to generate the band’s black-humored artwork. Released in 2004 by This Dark Reign Information, the trio’s Occlused in Ottusity record focuses on crushing, horrifying, scatological, and, yes, sometimes quite amusing gore-grindcore from the subminiature variety.

Quick Facts

Full Name Balatonizer
Music Songs Brutal Devastation, A'Cinta No!, Muscular Prevarication, Caimme, Occlused in Ottusity, Pulverization After Intimidation, Inebetit, Ciccio Tagliavia, Petra Lavica Etnea, C.E.P., Reborn in Ignorance, Se So Sa, Abominations of Triviality, Primitivity 46, Anfame, Cerebral Regression, Intro, Sbigottit, Tristeza, Scacciatieista, Microscopic Brain, Corporal Usurpation, Macrobrotic Poetry, From the Obsolation to the Obeteration, Eaten, Guttural Satisfaction, Ottenebrated Perseveration Through Mental Disorder, Putrification of the Mind, Sucaman, Diabolos, Occlubinated Eyes Convergence, Anal by Anal
Albums Occlused in Ottusity

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