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Baiano was an associate of the tiny group of initial professionals from the saving business in Brazil (as well as Cadete, Nozinho, Mário Pinheiro, and Eduardo das Neves). He documented the 1st Brazilian record with Xisto Bahia’s lundu Isto É Bom, categorized as the main of Casa Edison’s (the initial recording business of Brazil) initial catalog, of 1902 (Zon-o-phone 10.001). He’s featured for the reason that catalog in the initial 73 information, 54 little plates, and 19 big types, a few of them rarities. A few of them: “Bolim Bolacho,” “Sorvete Laiá,” “Chula Fluminense,” “Não Empurre,” “Seu Anastácio,” “As Mocinhas Desta Terra,” “O Fazendeiro,” “Fado Português,” “Padeiro,” “Noivo em Cócegas,” “Laranjas da Sabina,” “Gondoleiro perform Amor,” “Esteja Quieto,” “Perdão Emília.” In the same catalog, Baiano can be highlighted in 68 phonograms and in six with Cadete: “Operating-system 2 Crioulos,” “Laura,” “Desafio Português,” “Serenata Zero Cemitério,” “Chegadinho,” and “O Genro E A Sogra.” The Dec 1912 catalog brought Baiano in the lundu “Operating-system Colarinhos” in the cançonetas “O Taco,” “A Pombinha de Lulu,” “A Balança,” and “Capoeira,” “Feijoada Completa” (in duet with Eduardo das Neves) and “Canção perform Ébrio.” Baiano documented many other tracks, but the initial documented samba, “Pelo Telefone” (allegedly by Donga and Mauro de Almeida) for the Carnaval of 1917, should get special mention because of its excellent historical importance and well-known acclamation. He also sang in the movie theater from the Passeio Público and in the Circo Spinelli and proved helpful in small movies like O Cometa and A Seresta Caipora (in 1910) and José perform Fandango Quer Cantar and Serrana (within the next season). A few of his recordings completed between 1902 and 1904 (for Zon-o-phone) and 1904 and 1918 (for Odeon) had been re-released in 1977 by EMI-Odeon for the LP Bahiano in the Monumentos da Música Popular Brasileira series.

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