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The son of the musician as well as the brother of the painter, Baaziz is among Algeria’s most outspoken singer/songwriters. Respectfully referred to as the “Algerian Bob Dylan,” Baaziz has generated a loyal pursuing despite being prohibited from airplay on ENTV and Route Algeria. Baaziz 1st attracted attention along with his debut 1989 solitary, “ya Hasrah kikount Esseghir,” which he predicated on a melody by Rachid Ksentini. His most effective tune, “Algeria My Appreciate,” is still sung by Algerian performers and resulted in special identification from Leader Bouteflika. Acceptance with the Algerian federal government, nevertheless, was short-lived. His decision to execute a melody denouncing Algeria’s generals, “Waili Waili,” on the live-broadcast tv program despite warnings led to him getting censured. Baaziz resides in France.

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