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One of just a small number of Uk techno serves ostensibly pursuing a legacy of Uk techno firmly rooted in it is Detroit pre-history, B12 may also be (perhaps resultingly) mostly of the Uk techno serves also hailed with the Electric motor City’s aesthetic top notch. Notoriously shy from the music press, the London-based duo of Mike Golding and Steve Rutter possess quietly produced their contribution to post-rave techno by upgrading Detroit’s signature positive/dystopian futurism for an electronic age, constructing monitors of glinting, intensely syncopated electro-techno with a solid bottom in melody and disposition. A relatively youthful task, the group possess made a direct effect despite a relatively conservative release plan. They released their first couple of untitled 12-in . — related to a loosely organised catalog of pseudonyms like Redcell, Musicology, and CStasis — independently B12 label, and had been immediately hailed together with U.K. techno works like LFO, the Dark Dog, Special Exorcist, and Challenging Disco as heralding something of a fresh age group of post-acid home techno-based digital music. Included on the Warp label’s relatively disastrously entitled Artificial Cleverness compilations (the set agreed upon with Warp in 1992), Golding and Rutter had been also (relatively unfairly) pegged because the sort of also artful noodlers the word “smart techno” provides since arrived at indicate. Their Warp debut in 1993 constructed the best of the early years, as well as the group implemented the release using a three-year hiatus before launching the like-sounding Period Visitor in 1996. Beyond their romantic relationship with Warp, the group maintain all the B12-related music-dealings in-house — including distribution — this means their information can be relatively difficult to find. Their two full-lengths for Warp had been reissued within the U.S. by Polish Trax!/TVT.

Quick Facts

Full Name Vitamin B-12
Music Songs Cymetry, Mondrin, Telefone 529, The Silicon Garden, VOID/Comm, Pantone 137, Obtuse, Phettt, Eiyla, Epilion, Soundtrack of Space, Bio-Dimension, Gimp, Obsessed, Infinite Lites, Shadow of a Former Self, 32 Lineup, Outerim, Joe Morello Live, Play With Me, One Thing in Mind, Basic Emotion, Forced Restart, Untold, DB5, Question, Pt. 3, Static Emotion, Dave Brubeck, Boundries, Into the Void, Infosphere, Question, Pt. 2
Albums Electro-Soma, Time Tourist, Last Days of Silence, Transient Life, Prelude Part 1, Orbiting Souls, BrokenUnBroken, Bokide 325, Deceased Unknown, 3EP, B12 Records Archive, Volume 7, Interim Outerim, B12 Records Archive, Volume 6, B12 Records Archive, Volume 1, Retreat From Unpleasant Realities, B12 Records Archive, Volume 3, B12 Records Archive, Volume 4, B12 Records Archive, Volume 2, B12 Records Archive, Volume 5, Cmetric, An Eternal Flame, 32 Lineup, In Vain, Outlook, ART 7.2 / B1214.2, MindBender, Slope, B12 Records Archive, Vol. 5, Redcell, All Abandon All, Musicology, Brokenbroken, Hall of Mirrors, ART 7.1 / B1214.1

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