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Azarath is a supergroup of kinds, culling its rates from leading lighting in Polish loss of life steel. The single-named associates consist of Inferno (Behemoth, Damnation, Witchmaster) on drums, Bart (Damnation, Anima Vilis, Cenotaph) and Thrufel (Yattering, Shadows Property, Masachist) on guitars, and Bruno (Damnation, Convent) on bass and vocals. With resumés spanning a large number of recordings outside Azarath, the associates bring extensive encounter towards the band’s brutal, extremely Satanic, old-school loss of life metal. With a reasonably regular documenting and touring plan, Azarath ought to be viewed much less a side task, but as a considerable force in its right. The music group started in 1998 like a trio made up of Inferno, Bruno, and a guitarist basically called “D.” Two demos, Traitors and Promo 2000, ensued in 1998 and 2000, respectively, prior to the music group issued its 1st full-length, Demon Seed, in 2001. The recording noticed Bart rounding out the lineup on acoustic guitar. Positive response towards the record resulted in a support slot machine touring with Vader in 2002. In 2003, the music group released the aptly entitled Infernal Blasting, and D. remaining the music group for personal factors and was changed by Thrufel. Loss of life Monsters, a break up with countrymen Stillborn, adopted in 2004, collecting paths through the Promo 2000 demonstration. A third studio room recording, Diabolic Impious Bad, surfaced in 2006 on Polish metallic bastion Pagan Information. The music group then backed Vader once more, alongside Vesania and Stress for the Polish times from the Blitzkrieg 4 tour. The next year discovered Azarath teaming up with compatriots Stillborn and Deception for the Legions of Assault 2007 tour in Poland.

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