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Ayuo is a fresh York-born Japan composer. His name, actually translated, means “seafood life.” Using the perform as his muse — he includes a lifelong obsession with it — Ayuo creates a surfaces it doesn’t cross all edges a lot as develop a fresh surfaces upon which the idea of a “borderline” can be alien. In his mini-opera Izutsu, traditional folk musics and tools receive over similarly to classical structure, modern atmospheric textures (minus the associated electronica), and components of true improvisation.

Quick Facts

Full Name Ayuo Takahashi
Music Songs My Gazelle, Layla?interlude, Arise My Love, A Stranger, Takeda No Komori Uta, Floating Dream, Night In The Gallery, Taiyo, Kodo, ???, Izutsu 9, Izutsu, Part 3, Ulysses and the City of Dreams, Episode 2, Tao, Dna, Men of Good Fortune, Ulysses and the City of Dreams, Episode 1, Aoi No Ue, Izutsu 12, Izutsu, Part 5, Izutsu 5, Izutsu, Part 6, Good Morning, Izutsu 7, Sleeping, Dreaming,Dying, Persian Suite: Reng in Homayun / Jazz Break / Reng in Homayun II / The Apricot Seller / Sheydai / Nava II, Izutsu 10, Perfumed Scorpion, When Illusion Looks Like Reality Then Reality Become Just A Fantasy, Wrong Footed, Yume Utsutsu, Oh Light of My Heart
Albums Izutsu, Red Moon, Aoi

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