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Aural Assault

An important element of the united kingdom techno label Growing High Information’ roster is Mike Ash, whose house studio room recordings have gradually established his reputation in the hardcore techno picture. However, his fascination with dance music grew from the past due 80s acid home movement, much nod to which takes place on Aural Assault’s World 303 EP. His function under this name is seen as a disconcertingly hard rhythms, damaged by samples, frequently extracted from film dialogue. Therefore he offers released a few of Increasing Large’s most effective tracks (‘Red And Purple Encounter’, ‘Total Techno’). He also information for RH sister label Sappho, beneath the name Space Cadet (Don’t You Need My Like and Third Influx EPs). He offers formed his personal record label, Dance In Total Apathy, and maintains links with Increasing High.

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