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August Burgmüller

Regardless of the wishes of his father, who intended him to become an academician, Johann August Franz Burgmüller became a well-known stage supervisor and movie theater director. He were only available in Weimar at age 20 and offered in such careers in several cities and metropolitan areas in Southern Germany. He wedded well in 1805: His wife was a baroness, Anne Therese von Zandt. With her cable connections and property, he could relax in Dusseldorf. There, he founded the low Rhine Music Celebration in 1818, a pioneering organization that has motivated constant various other music celebrations and remains a respected annual event in German music. Burgmüller was also a composer who composed a lot of songs plus some sacred parts and stage functions. His other primary contribution to music was that he fathered two composer sons. Johann Friedrich Burgmüller was a popular composer little appreciated today and Norbert Burgmüller was a appealing composer who composed some rewarding music before dying at age 26.

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