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The Ass Baboons of Venus certainly are a duo that combines the innocent cuteness of Japan pop using the ridiculous toilet laughter of LA trash rock. Made up of comedian Naoko Nozawa and punk rocker Bob Limp, they have a tendency to mix the limitations between new influx and twee pop making use of their funny sound. After liberating many singles, the Phucket a la Bum Bum compilation premiered in the summertime of 2002.

Quick Facts

Music Songs Naked Lady Wrestler, 4 AM Coffee Song, No Chocolate for the Space Dog, Jet Unchi, Nipple Rocket Revenge, Pizzle Whacker, Headache for Sisyphus, Whizomatic vs. Twizzlehead, You've Failed Again, You Arrogant Twat, Sweaty Tongue Fanny Shaker, Baby Sitter Devoid of Odor, Beautiful Moments Pulled From a Hole, Suck Seed No Don't, Making Do, Making Doo, Oh Plimpton! Not the Donkey!, Naked Lady Wrestler VS Mango Man, A Medley of Your Favorite Porno Theme Songs, Lift and Separate, I am a Bicycle Seat, Oahu Dwee Bop, Pinkie Twirling Hum-A-Long, Taystee-Doo, Bone the Relic, Pontoon of the Rubber Booby, Low Rent Insect, Coquette Fricasee, Hose in the Cocktail, Colorful Plumes of Flatus, Pineapple Factory Suicide Whore, Masochistic Hula, Pity the Stick, Mango Allergy Dirge
Albums Phuket a la Bum Bum, Naked Lady Wrestler VS Mango Man, Spanking the Species

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