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Artwork of Trance may be the main single guise of Uk maker Simon Berry, creator from the enormously popular Platipus label and something fifty percent of the innovative duo Union Jack port. His songs are spirited and exciting without having to be overtly poppy, however he has obtained numerous golf club and U.K. graph hits. Artwork of Trance songs routinely have an earthy, amazing feel, with game titles like “Killamanjaro” and “Easter Isle” and regular samples of character sounds combined with the propulsive beats and simmering acidity synth lines. Artwork of Trance debuted in 1993 with many EPs, which led up to the debut full-length Animals using one in 1996. This is followed by Tone of voice of Globe in 1999, which presented the traditional “Madagascar,” which will be remixed a large number of times through the entire coming decades. A lot more singles adopted, in addition to blend CDs Platipus Beginners Guideline (2001) and Stories of the Unpredicted (2005), furthermore to Retrospective (2009), which put together both Artwork of Trance albums and a combined disc. Artwork of Trance held a steady routine of single produces through the 2010s, like the Vangelis cover “Chung Kuo” (2011) and originals like “Stratosphere” (2012) and “Firebird” (2016).

Quick Facts

Full Name Art of Trance
Profession Composer, Music Producer
Nationality British
Music Groups Union Jack
Music Songs Love Washes Over, Madagascar, Voice of Earth, Deeper Than Deep, Chung Kuo, Praxia, Killamanjaro, The Horn, Blue Owl, Turkish Bizarre, Persia, Before The Storm, Ultrafoxx, Calling Your Name, Dud UK, Sea of Tranquility, The Hummer, Emerald Eyes, Haagen Daaz, Moroccan Roll, Curve Bender, Madagascar, Cambodia, Firebird, Inner Journey, Mosquito, Stealth, Humans, Mongoose, Breathe, Colossal Cathedral, Octopus
Albums Wildlife on One, Deeper Than Deep EP, Voice of Earth, There Will Be No Armageddon, Platipus: A Beginners Guide, Ultrafoxx, The Colours EP, You Don't Really Know Who I Am, Retrospective, Octopus - The 2015 Remixes, The Big Freeze, Volume 1
Movies Never Quite the Same

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