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Ars Antiqua Austria

This renowned ensemble was founded in Linz in 1995 by Gunar Letzbor and Michael Oman using a core band of eight musicians focused on the duty of authentically interpreting Austrian music from the Baroque era. To the end, the group performed on first instruments of the time and devoted very much energy to exploring and uncovering functions that were neglected until getting performed with the group. The ensemble will take account from the wide variety of cultures which have inspired and added to Austrian music through the centuries from the Baroque design when the physical and politics boundaries of the united states were more intensive. The ensemble infuses its shows with “the joie de vivre from the South, the Slav melancholy, French formality, Spanish pomp, as well as the Alpine personality from the German-speaking locations” (Letzbor), normal constituents from the courtroom, and folk and dance music of this amount of time in Austria. The Ars Antiqua Austria provides toured Austria, France, Germany, Slovakia, as well as the Ukraine, performed several celebrations of Baroque music, and toured america in 2001. The group earned a Cannes Classical Prize in 2002 because of its documenting of Viviani’s Capricci armonici and continuing release a albums, including Antonio Bertali: Promithia Suavissima, Parte Seconda (2005), and Benedikt Anton Aufschnaiter: Dulcia Fidium Harmonia (2009).

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