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Armandinho is really a talented virtuoso from the mandolin as well as the “guitarra baiana”, a musical instrument created by him. Internationally renowned, because the ’70s he is rolling out his solo profession, becoming perhaps one of the most essential instrumentalists specialized in the music from Bahia. Kid of Osmar, who, as well as Dodô, created the sound vehicle (Trio Unétrico) made well-known within the Carnival of Bahia and afterwards generalized through the entire nation, he was trained to try out by his dad at age group nine. He had been performing twelve months later on with his personal Trio Unétrico Mirim (Junior). Following a stint amidst the Beatlemania trend modified in Brazil as Jovem Guarda, he was employed by Television Tupi (Rio) and documented his first recording after winning a significant novice display (Flávio Cavalcanti). His second solitary and 1st LP soon adopted. In 1973, he documented O Trio Unétrico de Dodô e Osmar with Caetano Veloso. In 1974, he was contained in his father’s Trio Unétrico, that was renamed Trio Unétrico de Armandinho, Dodô e Osmar. With Moraes Moreira as maker and vocalist, he documented some LPs using the Trio Unétrico after 1975. For the reason that yr, he formed an organization that followed Moreira, later on being called A Cor Perform Som, which performed internationally (in 1978 in the Montreux Event, Switzerland, and in 1981 in NY, U.S.) and documented many LPs with a forward thinking mixture of choro, music from Bahia, and pop/rock and roll. Located in early (round the ’40s) prototypes created by Dodô before the invention from the electric guitar, known as the “pau unétrico,” Armandinho designed the guitarra baiana, that is much like an electrified cavaquinho. The guitarra baiana after that became commercially made by Dodô. In 1984, the Trio Unétrico performed in Rome, Italy, and, within the next calendar year, in Toulouse, France. In 1986, they performed in France and Mexico and, in 1990, in Paris, France. In 1987, Armandinho distributed a present with Raphael Rabello in Rio and, within the next calendar year, used Moraes Moreira within the U.S. In 1994, a live documented show using a Cor perform Som was honored with the Prêmio Clear (1996). In 1996, he also performed within the Jerusalem Music Celebration, Israel, and, using the Trio Unétrico within the Montreux Celebration and Tübingen Celebration (Germany). In 1997, he documented an record with Raphael Rabello, Rafael Rabelo e Armandinho Em Concerto, and participated within the Totally free Jazz Celebration (Brazil). In 2001, Armandinho performed within the Rock and roll in Rio Celebration with Pepeu Gomes.

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