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Antonius da Civitate Austrie

Antonius da Civitate Austrie, also called Cividal, Civitato, and Antonio da Cividale, was a North Italian monk from the Dominican purchase whose name suggests he was appointed towards the council from the Cividale by Pope Gregory XII in 1410. He might have been delivered in the lands implemented by the first Hapsburg Empire, but was non-etheless Italian, and his whole known musical profession was spent in the program of papal courts in Venice and Florence. Antonius is certainly first noticed from through his entrance in Venice in 1392 to become listed on the Dominican monastery there. Antonius’ existence in Florence by the entire year 1414 is observed through his motet O felix flos Florencia/Gaude felix Dominice. It isn’t known if he participated in the Council of Constance that finished the “great schism” and set up Martin V as pope. However the four-voice motet Clarus ortus clariore opera/Gloriosa mater ecclesia celebrates the long-delayed come back from the pope to his papal throne in Rome, a wedding ceremony held on Sept 28, 1420. Although functions of Antonius da Civitate Austrie continue steadily to come in manuscripts put together through the 1430s, he’s not noticed from once again after Martin V was set up in Rome; probably he perished in the outbreak of Dark Plague that struck Italy in 1423. Antonius was a significant author of isorhythmic motets and was intimately acquainted with French design, also composing ballades, rondeaux, and virelai. His three-voice ballade Vous soyes si las venus includes a part that is clearly a palindromic “loop” that repeats forwards and backwards for the whole structure. Three sacred functions of Antonius are furthermore known, including a matched Gloria and Credo. Many of these reap the benefits of structural procedures that derive from secular composition.

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