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Antônio Cícero

Documented by Marina Lima, João Bosco, Maria Bethânia (“O Lado Quente Perform Ser,” “Logrador,” and “O Circo”), Caetano Veloso (“Bobagens, Meu Filho, Bobagens”), Orlando Morais, Lulu Santos (“O Ùltimo Romântico”), Adriana Calcanhotto, Gal Costa (“Acende O Crepúsculo”), Zizi Possi (“É A Vida Que Diz,” “Pra Sempre E Mais Um Dia,” “Ninguém Vai Tomar Posse De Mim”), Sandra de Sá (“Virgem”), Leci Companyão (“Água Perrier”), and Ney Matogrosso (“Fogo e Risco”), Antônio Cícero has already established observed participation in Brazilian pop music. In 1976, his sister Marina Lima (previous Marina) had written the music for his lyrics for “Casa Caiada.” The tune could have been contained in Maria Bethânia’s Mel, but was vetoed by censorship due to the verse “I Don’t EASILY FIT INTO Law.” Also then, it had been documented in 1979 by Zizi Possi in her Pedaço De Mim LP. His effective compositions with Marina Lima have already been present since her 1st recording, Simples Como Fogo (1979) — “Transas de Amor,” “Olhos Felizes,” “Charme Perform Mundo,” “Acho Que Dá,” “Fullgás,” “Difícil,” “Pra Arriveçar,” “Virgem,” “Acontecimentos,” “À Meia Voz,” “Deixe Estar” — along with strikes written with additional collaborators like Cláudio Zoli (“À Francesa”). João Bosco documented songs produced by him and Cícero, along with tunes by Waly Salomão/Antônio Cícero in his Zona de Fronteira, including “Holofotes,” also documented by Gal Costa in the last 12 months. Orlando Morais also documented his own tunes with Cícero (like “Dita” and “O Circo”) and Adriana Calcanhotto documented “Água Perrier,” “Inverno,” and “Bagatelas” (Frejat/Antônio Cícero) with achievement and re-recorded “Maresia” (Duda Machado/Antônio Cícero), that was documented by por Marina em 81. Cícero also published poetry and viewpoint books.

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