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Antoine Reicha

Antoine Reicha was a France composer and theorist whose profession spanned the past due eighteenth and early nineteenth decades. While his music for woodwind quintet established fact, he was also an opera composer and the writer of a number of important text messages on music theory. With regards to his place historically, Reicha had not been only a modern of Beethoven, but also the one-time instructor of Berlioz and Liszt. Reicha’s first training was along with his uncle Josef Reicha, and he afterwards examined music in Bonn and Hamburg. When he transferred to Vienna in 1801, Reicha examined with Albrechtsberger and in addition produced the acquaintance of older people Joseph Haydn and various other essential members from the musical community for the reason that town. While in Vienna, Reicha constructed several fugues for the key pad and a great deal of chamber music. It had been only once Reicha transferred to Paris in 1808 that he done music of a more substantial scale. Right here he attemptedto establish himself like a author of opera. Of his three making it through finished operas, though, only 1 achieved any amount of achievement. That opera, Sappho, was created in 1822. However, by that point Reicha got a status as a fantastic teacher of structure, and in this capability he was well known by a lot of the music artists of his day time. His treatise on structure (Cours de structure musicale [1818]) became a typical text message in the nineteenth hundred years, and his Characteristicé de haute structure musicale (1826) was probably one of the most essential functions of its kind in the nineteenth hundred years. Reicha’s Artwork du compositeur dramatique (1833) can be a manual for composers of opera and it is very important to its insights in to the approach to the proper execution. Reicha’s musical design is relatively traditional and formal. His chamber music, that he is most widely known, was created in the next decade from the nineteenth hundred years. It sounds, nevertheless, similar to eighteenth hundred years music. However, the functions are solid melodically and quite qualified in structure.

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