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Antoine Brumel

Brumel was a high composer in the Franco-Flemish custom before Josquin and Obrecht. Brumel was a pupil of Josquin, and historically significant as the 1st really French composer to become from the courtroom in Burgundy. A lot of his popularity rests around the 12-tone of voice Missa Et ecce terrae motus, that was to become cited before end from the sixteenth hundred years and resulted in the structure of even more laments on his loss of life than had been received by his contemporaries Obrecht, Mouton, and Agricola mixed. Brumel’s design within this Mass (and in a lot of his function) can be primarily chordal, generally eschewing contrapuntal intricacy and producing sparing usage of imitation. Therefore, his design has more in keeping with the afterwards Renaissance design as exemplified by Palestrina compared to the design of Ockeghem or Josquin. The Missa Et ecce terrae motus (“Earthquake Mass”) can be therefore historically significant because of its design which can be relatively anticipatory of afterwards developments and because of its through-composed 12 voices, that generate massive obstructed chordal structures. Overall, Brumel’s music should charm those who benefit from the afterwards Renaissance design who will, without doubt, discover this a fascinating example of previously huge chordal music sparse in contrapuntal concepts.

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