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Anonymous, Ritson Manuscript

The Ritson Manuscript (GB-BL Add.5665) is indeed called since it once belonged to antiquarian Joseph Ritson, who donated the quantity to the Uk Museum in 1795. This 146-web page quantity is thought to possess originated at a monastery in Devon, Britain, which is most well-known for its collection of 44 early Xmas carols; these result from the earliest coating of the publication, and had been copied by 1475. Composer Thomas Pack can be thought to possess copied area of the Ritson Manuscript and got a submit its compilation; the five compositions known by Pack all originate with this resource. Other called composers represented with this quantity are Cornysh, Hawte, Henry VIII (not really determined by name, however the music may become his), Mower, Norman, Petyr, Smert, and Trouluffe (both collectively and individually), Edmund Sturges, Gilles Binchois, a function jointly made up by Dunstaple and Power, and two items determined by initials just. All informed, attributed functions take into account 33 pieces from the 96 functions included; the others are all private. Compilation and copying from the publication was completed by 1510, rendering it a modern from the Eton Choirbook.

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