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Anonymous, Old Hall Manuscript

The Aged Hall Manuscript may be the single most significant source manuscript of British Polyphony prior to the sixteenth hundred years. It is known as the “Aged Hall” as until 1973 it had been housed at the faculty of Edmund in Aged Hall, which can be near Ware in Hertfordshire, Britain. It started in the personal chapel of Thomas of Lancaster, Duke of Clarence, where in fact the “aged coating” was started between 1410 and 1415, and relocated to the Chapel Royal where its fresh owner Ruler Henry V is usually believed to possess added two of his personal functions to it beneath the name “Roy Henry.” The brand new coating was put together from that point until at least 1422, and empty leaves in the quantity were utilized for a few items afterward, including an individual function of John Dunstaple added anonymously. It isn’t known the way the Aged Hall escaped Henry VIII’s dissolution from the monasteries, which led to many manuscripts of its kind becoming place to the torch. The Aged Hall’s provenance between its removal from your Chapel Royal and the entire year 1813 is usually uncertain; however, for the reason that 12 months John Stafford Smith, author of “The Anacreonatick Hymn” (that later on became “The Celebrity Spangled Banner”), bought the Aged Hall from your estate of the cleric and exceeded it to his descendants. It had been donated to the faculty of Edmund in 1893, and is currently housed in the English Library, its shelfmark becoming GB-Lbl Add. 57950. The Aged Hall manuscript is usually a large quantity — 41 by 26 centimeters — and is intended for a big choir, readable from a range. Its 112 folia consist of 147 compositions, a lot of which are recognized by name; it’s the earliest level of British music to include a significant amount of called composers. You will find 51 items that remain private, and the most regularly displayed composer in the quantity can be Leonel Power with 21 compositions; he was Thomas of Lancaster’s performing leader and most likely compiled a lot of the outdated level. Others consist of Thomas Damett (or Danett), John Cooke (who shows up in both levels), and Nicholas Sturgeon. Lots of the regional composers are known by one name just; Byttering, Oliver, Pycard, and Typp — many of them are known just off their functions in the Aged Hall. Several continental composers also were able to worm their method into the Aged Hall, specifically Antonio Zacara da Teramo, Matheus de Sancto Johanne, and perhaps Philippe Royllart, though this last shape can be disputed. The repertoire from the Aged Hall stretches back again to 1370, and its own contents literally catch the changeover from late middle ages British style towards the emergence from the Renaissance. The brand new level documents the origins of what Continental Europeans known as the “Countenance Anglois,” the institution of soft, triadic harmonic motion and matched tenor and countertenor parts which were exemplified by John Dunstaple, a method that spread to all or any of European countries in the initial half from the fifteenth hundred years.

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