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Anonymous, Montpellier MS

The Montpellier Codex (F-Mof H196) may be the most significant and richest manuscript way to obtain medieval motets in every the world. Presently conserved in the collection of the College or university of Montpellier, the Montpellier Codex was put together into its present type in Paris in around 1300. There is nothing known of its origins or use; the initial independent accounts of its lifestyle implies that in the 1580s, the publication belonged to Estienne Tabourot, co-author from the Rabelaisian publication Les Bigarrures de Seigneur des Accords (1588). The Codex itself comprises of eight fascicles, which the next through sixth are usually regarded as “oldest,” copied by or soon before the 12 months 1280. Fascicles 1 and 7 are more youthful, as they had been arranged down during or simply before the 12 months 1300, with the ultimate, eighth fascicle becoming added sometime later on. The amount of scribes involved with generating the Montpellier Codex is usually unknown, but is usually approximated at about 11-14 hands, with an individual scribe predominant in the oldest fascicles. The musical repertoire in the Montpellier Codex is usually considered to represent the entire thirteenth hundred years; the publication consists of 336 compositions, all polyphonic and everything but 12 becoming motets. Almost all the items in the Montpellier Codex are private, with Pérotin and Petrus de Cruce becoming the only obvious suspects with regards to identifiable composers therein, which only based on about two functions apiece. The text messages from the musical functions are in French or Latin, numerous motets in a combined mix of both dialects. Eight from the pieces haven’t any music attached, plus some are imperfect. The functions contained in the Montpellier Codex are believed component and parcel to any period group thinking about performing middle ages motets. The Codex continues to be published in a number of editions, the 1st being truly a photographic facsimile release imprinted in 1935; in 1998, A-R Editions of Wisconsin presented an eight-olume transcription from the Montpellier Codex in contemporary notation.

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