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Anonymous, Egerton Manuscript 3307

Egerton Manuscript 3307 in the Uk Collection (GB-Bl Eg.3307) is a late medieval manuscript copied out between 1430 and 1444. While its source is definitely disputed, scholar George McPeek recommended in 1963 that it had been compiled for make use of at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor. The 1st five webpages are lacking, as are three additional pages that may actually have already been cut out, maybe to harvest the volume’s good looking miniatures. Among the handful of miniatures that stay, the pictures of medieval taking in and carousing are justly renowned. The music included therein, however, is actually noteworthy; among the 53 items included, 33 are carols and there is certainly one drinking track in Latin. They are found in the next portion of the manuscript; the first consists of 18 sacred items, including a mass, many hymns, and additional liturgical works. All the items are private, though you have been defined as the task of John Dunstaple.

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